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Happy Weekend!


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Happy weekend, friends!

Every morning I wake up and ask the little bee in my belly if today is her birthday. So far…silence. We’re spending the weekend trying to distract ourselves from the waiting!

What are you up to?

A few things I’m loving this week:

Two favorite coconutty recipes:

Shanti’s granola

Nikki’s healthy cookies

Cashmere and a boat neck? In poppy please.

I’m hooked on The Skimm.

Do you juice? We just bought our first juicer (on sale!) and I’m excited to get going. Some starter juice recipes. (I’m afraid to try beets.)

This and this– my dream gourmet tailgate menu!

Baby ballet flats.  These are already waiting for my little one thanks to La Femme Epicure.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend.

xx Sarah