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Spring Table Design


Happy holiday weekend friends! Here are some colorful, rustic and fuss free spring decor ideas for Easter and Passover tables.






Ikat and Peonies


Martha Easter Table



Martha Easter Table Blue



Martha Lilac Arrangement





Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving centerpiece

Remember our Halloween table? We’re using the same elements for our Thanksgiving decor.  Run a similar arrangement down the center of your Turkey Day table or along your mantle for a natural, elegant and understated display.

Thanksgiving decor

We started with our faithful workhorses: the burlap strips.   Then, inspired by the darling mini pumpkins, we clustered orb-like clear and white bud vases and filled them with Chinese mums.  The repetition of almost round, squash-like shapes is what makes this look work. Lydia had the great idea to toss in some cipolline onions I had in the kitchen- it’s a cucurbita and allium table for those taxonomes out there!


Off-white pillar candles stand ready to bring the glow.  My Juliska gourd carafe does double duty as an elegant vase, adding height to a side table or mantle.

White pumpkin Thanksgiving centerpiece

For a dinner table centerpiece, you want something low enough to see over.  So we removed the tall flower arrangement and swapped in a medium-sized white spray-painted pumpkin, adding in a few silver for sparkle.

Thanksgiving table display

All we need is food and family!



Burlap-  Michael’s or any other craft store

Carafe-  Juliska

Vases- Jonathan Adler and Heath Ceramics

How-To: Halloween Table


Halloween table decor

Remember our sneak peek from Friday?  Here’s a behind the scenes look at our Halloween table for The Daily Meal.

Halloween decor supplies

Mini pumpkins and one medium-sized pumpkin for spray painting, plus some white mini pumpkins for keeping natural.
Spray paint.  We went with an enamel finish in black and gold to add some gloss.
Painter’s tape (for covering the pumpkin stems)
Burlap (available at Michael’s or other craft stores)
Votive candles
Black ribbon
Black spiders or spider rings (available at the drug store or craft store)
Candles and candlesticks
White place settings
Matching napkins
Wine glasses
Water glasses

Note: spray paint the day before your party so your  pumpkins have time to dry.

Wrap your pumpkin stems in blue painter’s tape to keep the stems natural.


Shake your enamel can and start spraying. Keep the spray can a good 6 inches away from the pumpkin.  Otherwise the force of the spray will wipe off your first coat.  This photo was taken before I learned that lesson.

1-2 coats only. Repeat as necessary to paint all your pumpkins.

Gold, too!

In case any of the enamel was still sticky, we put parchment paper under each pumpkin to protect our plates.

Gold pumpkin, white plates, pewter flatware, and black and white tenugui cloth napkins.

arranging burlap table runner

Now the centerpiece.  Arrange your burlap strips so they have some height.

Ground your display with one medium-sized pumpkin.  A leopard print sweater really adds something!

Layer in the rest of the pumpkins.

Add in your candlesticks and votives.  We only had silver votives so we wrapped them in thick black ribbon and secured with double-sided tape.  Work with what you have!


Creepy and elegant.

Happy Halloween!



The Look: Neutrals with a Pop of Peacock


For you




For your table

brass candlesticks








(the beige one on top)


Lay the napkin over the plate and place a peacock feather on each napkin.








The Look: Black & White Print


Today we have a special collaboration between A & O and Caroline Kimball of Savvy Greenville, the hippest boutique in South Carolina. Caroline (my cousin-in-law) is an artist, jewelry designer, stylist and boutique owner with a fierce sense of style.

We all agree that black & white prints can function as a modern neutral backdrop for both you and your table. Example….

For You


For Your Table


Juliska "Country Estate"

Juliska "Country Estate"


Caroline styled this AMAZING one shoulder black & white lace print dress 3 ways and we matched each look with our latest stoneware obsession: the new “Country Estate” pattern from Juliska.

a pop of purple

Purple on B&W dress

Juliska Country Estate


a splash of gold and textured white

gold on b&w dress

Juliska Country Estate


metallic grey and vibrant slivers of color

metal on b&w dress

breakfast table by Juliska


So many possibilities. Visit and read more about Caroline, her team, her fashion advice. You can contact her store (864) 370-9898 or and order this dress for the incredible price of $134. They can order you any size you need.

Thanks Caroline!



Elegant Outdoor Dinner Table


Hi friends, did you see our pretty outdoor breakfast table setting yesterday and on The Daily Meal? Today we are sharing the pictures of our dressy outdoor dinner table using the same basic pieces from our breakfast table (pottery, chargers, flatware and outdoor table and chairs.)

Outdoor Dinner Table

The BEST part of summer is dinning outdoors but it doesn’t always have to be casual BBQ red cups and disposable plates. En plein air dining with real plates, cloth napkins and the clink of nice glassware is a whole new level of summer dining. When I was young my mom would set a pretty table on our back porch a few times a summer and make a fresh pasta for dinner. It felt so special to break our everyday dinner routine and sit outside on a warm summer night.


outdoor table decor


Sarah and I set the table with her Pottery Barn Rattan chargers, wobbly edged Simon Pearce plates and bowls and stunning Match Pewter flatware. A Libeco runner connected the dinners across the table on a ribbon of flax linen and Tiffany candlesticks glittered in the setting sun.


Outdoor Dinner Table Close

Once the foundation was set we studded the table with magenta dahlias in simple mini milk jars turned vases and filled one remaining vase with fresh mint to keep things fresh and fuss-free. Our pièce de résistance were two crystal Saint Louis goblets from Sarah’s father.  He collects 2 beautiful goblets a year for her from his travels and presents them on Christmas morning. Her collection over the years has grown to to accommodate a Jane Austen sized dinner party at Lady Catherine’s house I believe. Such a lovely tradition.

Will you be toting your breakables outdoors this summer? We hope so!



Elegant Outdoor Breakfast Table


Dining al fresco

Lydia and I had loads of fun styling this table for The Daily Meal. We wanted to recreate the feeling of an elegant outdoor restaurant at home, so we played with my nicest indoor pieces.  Using 1 set of pottery, 1 set of chargers, 1 set of flatware and 1 table we created 2 beautiful looks: breakfast in the garden with friends and an elegant candlelit dinner for two.

Here’s a close up of the breakfast table:

Outdoor breakfast table
For breakfast we fell in love with hydrangeas in cloud colors.  We set them in my favorite juice pitcher and built the rest of the look around that.  The sugar and creamer as well as the napkins pick up on the beautiful sky blue petals.  And what says morning more clearly than a rooster?  This one is part of an antique rooster and hen pair that my aunt gave me as a wedding gift.  It’s a happy table that invites you to linger over flaky croissants and chunky mugs of hot coffee.

Tell us, how would you make your outdoor table special?

Tomorrow- the dinner table!


Plate, Bowls, Mugs and Pitcher, Barre by Simon Pearce. Glasses by Juliska. Napkins and Chargers by Pottery Barn. Antique Rooster. Creamer and Sugar by Nigella Lawson. Flatware by Match Pewter.





Nigella's Guiness Cake

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Remember I told you about Pinterest a few weeks ago?  I thought I’d share with a few of the inspiration shots we’ve pinned recently.

The nice thing about Pinterest is if you click on the image it will almost always lead you back to the original source.  Which is huge in this world of a billion bloggers.


Pretty brass centerpieces


Secret door with bookcase? In turquoise? Yes.


Simple, rustic presentation



Moody peonies- a beautiful palette


More lighthearted


Emily Henderson's cobalt desk chair and gold mug


What are you collecting on Pinterest? Tell us below or share with us here or here.














How-To: Setting the Table


Image via

Happy Wednesday, my dears!

Question for you– have you ever set a formal table?  We don’t do it that often, even for work.  It’s the LA thing.

Mrs. Lilien, mother, wife, blogger and designer extraordinaire, has taken it upon herself to show exactly how to set the table.  She’s even made this handy-dandy printable “Proper Placemat” diagram that you can print for reference.

No more youtubing Pretty Woman so Barney can teach you how to do it right.  Now we all know.

The problem with a properly set table is that it’s never easy to remember which is your bread plate and which is your wine glass. Especially after you’ve made use of that wine glass.  But here’s the secret: hold your hands in front of you, perpendicular to the floor, all fingers extended except the index which you should touch to your thumb Om-style.  You should be looking at a b on your left and a d on your right.  Bread on your left Drink on your right.  Do it discretely in your lap and no one will ever know.



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