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Super Bowl Menu 2014


We are really excited to be catering a few Super Bowl parties for our clients this weekend. La Femme Epicure and I created this menu for one of the parties celebrating some of the flavors of Denver and Seattle.

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty



Super Bowl Menu 2014

Denver →

Coors Banquet Beer

Coors Light

Papa Johns Pizza – BBQ Chicken Bacon, John’s Favorite & Plain Cheese

Denver Green Chili with Classic Fixins’ (Scallions, Sour Cream, Bacon, Cheddar, Hot Sauce & Fritos)

Corn Chips with Individual “Mile High” Layer Dip Jars

Bronco Brownie Bites Topped with Nutella and Candied Orange Peel

Denver Themed M&M’s with Team Logo

Seattle →

Rainier Beer

Starbucks Espresso Martinis

Mini Salmon Burger Sliders with Tartar Sauce (frisee, tomato and pickled red onions)

12th Man Garlicky Potato Wedges with Garlic Aioli & Ketchup

Winter Vegetable Crudites with Beecher’s Cheddar & Herb Dip

Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches with Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bowl of Skittles

Seattle Themed M&M’s with Team Logo

Personally the only interesting part of the Super Bowl is the food so tell me what you plan to make this Sunday?



Bits of August


Some snaps of what’s making me smile.

Happy Bunny Blue from Trafalgars Square via

Cutest baby bunny ever for the nursery.

An unexpected bird.



A Clare Vivier clutch in the perfect color combo.

Happy thoughts from Roald Dahl via La Femme Epicure.

What caught your eye this week?




A Farewell to Anjali


One of our beloved chefs is leaving the kitchen to go back to grad school full time to become a registered dietician. We had a little goodbye dinner at Gjelina to celebrate Anjali’s next adventure.

Brunette power in our kitchen.


Anjali’s dessert menu had some edits from a previous diner, we happen to agree that the strawberry & rhubarb crisp was not warm enough nor was the chocolate crust on the banana cream pie chocolaty enough. Have you ever gone to dinner with chefs? It’s like being in art school and having your work critiqued. Or maybe it’s like shoving a fork in your eye, it’s just what we do.

Another thing chefs do at an inspiring dinner, take pictures of what they ate and share it on social media.

Some highlights of our amazing meal: this Croatian wine (we mob with a wine expert)


Young Garbanzo beans with goat cheese


Caponata crostini with burrata (sadly not pictured are the orange glazed carrots and squash blossom pizza winners.)

And the desserts!! The banana-chocolate bread pudding and butterscotch pot de creme were outstanding.


We sure will miss Anjali but you can keep up with her on The Kitchn and on her own blog Eat Your Greens.






Inspiration: 4th of July


For the last 2 months we have had Independence Day on the brain as we plan for a BIG event for our clients. I always assumed that flag decor had it’s limitations in the world of kitsch but that is not necessarily the case. Red, white and blue can chic, can be elegant and can be playful all at the same time. I’m a convert. I may just start a collection of decorations of my own. All images from Pinterest

More amazing patriotic decor and food ideas from Sarah Simms of La Femme Epicure on Pinterest

How are you decorating for the 4th?



Tapas Party by La Femme Epicure & Smitten on Paper


Don’t you love to see how other people entertain? When the newest edition to our chef team, the darling Sarah Simms of La Femme Epicure, told me she was hosting a tapas party with her friend from Smitten on Paper, I had the voyeuristic urge to be a fly on the wall for the evening. White Wine Sangria with local fruit! A selection of 8 homemade tapas + dessert! Stylish paper goods in cool fonts! Oh my.

Sarah Simms Dinner Party

Well my wish has come true, all the pictures from what must have been a magical evening are up here! Don’t miss Sarah’s expert advice for how to plan a tres chic dinner party of any size or theme on your own. All photos taken by RW Simms & Paige Johnson.