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Tapas Party by La Femme Epicure & Smitten on Paper


Don’t you love to see how other people entertain? When the newest edition to our chef team, the darling Sarah Simms of La Femme Epicure, told me she was hosting a tapas party with her friend from Smitten on Paper, I had the voyeuristic urge to be a fly on the wall for the evening. White Wine Sangria with local fruit! A selection of 8 homemade tapas + dessert! Stylish paper goods in cool fonts! Oh my.

Sarah Simms Dinner Party

Well my wish has come true, all the pictures from what must have been a magical evening are up here! Don’t miss Sarah’s expert advice for how to plan a tres chic dinner party of any size or theme on your own. All photos taken by RW Simms & Paige Johnson.



Shanti’s Top 5 (highly debatable) Entertaining Rules


Sarah and I had so much fun sharing our entertaining tips we have asked our A & O private chef team to share theirs as well. First up is Shanti…


Hey All… my name is Shanti and I am one of the other three chefs L & S work with. Short intro…cooking for 8 years, obsessed with all things food and fashion, especially love wearing pretty aprons. I LOVE dining out and even consider it a second job. So lets see, my Top 5 (highly debatable) Entertaining Rules… or should I say things I have done and in turn you should NOT do…


1. Do not get sauced before the guests arrive. Being a tipsy hostess goes against all rules of decorum, not to mention you poop out before the party even gets started! Pace yourself and make sure you eat something other than chips and salsa. Ahh hindsight…


2. Be aware of your jewels and accessory selections. Although turquoise stones are pretty to look at, no one wants them in their ceviche. Save the prizes for the piñatas. I discourage long scarves, necklaces, shoulder duster earrings and the like.


3. Do not invite more than one man you’re dating. Although you will be tempted, don’t do it.


4. Have a start time and an end time. Then people will (hopefully) attempt to show up at a reasonable hour (Angelenos… I’m talking to you!).


5. People are there to see you and be social, do not spend all night in the kitchen, go mingle!