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What to Read?



Friends, I’m at a loss.

I just finished re-reading Gone with the Wind for book club and let me tell you, it’s even better as an adult.  All that war stuff you breezed through to get to Rhett when you were twelve is fascinating now.

Rhett, of course, is as shiver-inducing as ever.

Finishing both GWTW and Downton in the same month has been a blow.

So, please help.  What should I read next?

xoxo Sarah

P.S. There are a crazy number of pictures of Marilyn Monroe reading.  Google it and see.  It had to have been a PR directive, don’t you think?

Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey season 2

I’m heading back to Downton Abbey tonight.  If you’ve already watched episode 1 of season 2 (it premiered Sunday night on PBS), no spoilers please!  I’m going the DVR route so I can enjoy with friends.

The Crawley sister

Stills from season 2 promise more elaborate costumes and sausage roll hairdos,

the outbreak of World War I,

Edith Crawley

and more schemes from bad-egg Edith.  Style, romance, and intrigue.  All colored by the Anglophone wit and snobbery we’ve come to expect from the Crawleys and their staff.

If you love escaping to Downton, I must insist (imagine a good Maggie Smith imitation here.  Mine isn’t passable) that you take this quiz to discover what Downton character you most resemble.   As the Dowager Countess of Grantham might say, it is imperative one knows her place in life.

Mine is as a ladies maid with a heart of gold.  I hope some good lovin’ from Mr. Bates is in the cards for sweet Anna.

So tell us, which Downton character are you?  Are you enjoying the new season?