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Christmas Cookie Decorating


Last year my Mom and I did a major Christmas cookie decorating session and then gave them as gifts in glassine bags. Even Drew got involved in the fun. It’s a process these cookies but they turn out beautifully.

Sugar Cookies

Make sugar cookie dough, roll it out and cut with seasonal cookie cutters. Bake and allow to cool completely.

Royal Icing in many colors

Make a huge batch of royal icing and separate it into small bowls. Add gel food coloring to get the best shades and hues (ours were a tad electric, we over did it on the gel.)

Wet cookies

Decorate your cookies with icing, sugar and assorted candies. Allow them to lay flat and dry completely.

Christmas Cookies

As the icing dries it turns from shining to matte.


Snowmen Cookies

Snowmen and women

Santa Cookies

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas Trees.

Which are your favs?



Candy Cane Treat Boxes


I bought these sweet Martha Stewart Candy Cane Treat Boxes at Michaels last week to house our holiday cookies we gift to our co-workers and clients. They are so adorable we had to share with you all.

MS Candy Cane Treat BoxesWe made Sarah’s grandmother’s famous Molasses Crinkles and a batch of cinnamony Snickerdoodles. I scooped all the dough with a small ice cream scoop to ensure the cookies would bake up the same size. Once the cookies cooled, I layered the dark molasses crinkles and the blond speckled snickerdoodles separated with tiny red sheets of parchment paper (provided in the kit.) They look great and will travel well nestled in their little candy cane houses. How cute would they look filled with vintage rock candy or other fun retro treats?

Happy Holidays from Apples & Onions!