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Baked Eggs over Sweet Potato and Corned Beef Hash


Here’s what Elan and I made for breakfast Sunday.  Taking her cue from Denny’s and other classic “skillet” houses, Elan used a seasoned cast-iron skillet to sear a crusty brown edge on a mixture of roasted sweet potato, sauteed onion and green pepper. We stirred in cubed corn beef – from the deli – then scooped the hash warm into a lightly-greased ramekin.

We gently broke two eggs on top and slid the ramekin under a hot broiler just long enough for the whites to set, about 3 minutes.  You could actually hear them blister and spit under the heat.  A sprinkle of parsley, chives, sea salt and black pepper finished it off.  And then we did.  And then we baked another.

Next week we’ll make hash from barbecue leftovers: steak, red onion, Yukon golds and our favorite peppers- poblanos- for a smoky heat.   Heat, we’ve decided, is essential to our hash.

What are your must-have ingredients?  Also, does food always look better in individual bakers?

xo Sarah

Breakfast 2012



Brunch table

Happy New Year!

When I threw back the covers yesterday morning, I had two things on my mind: breakfast and my New Year’s resolution.


We’ve talked a lot about breakfast, you and me.  We’ve shared apple pancakes and Lydia’s gorgeous panettone french toast, puffed pancakes, puffers, morning muffins and plenty of eggs: soft-boiled eggs, eggs in purgatory and fried eggs.  It’s safe to say we enjoy our -uffs and our eggs.  (Oeufs!)


We’ve even shared oat bran.  And that little ‘ol nutella panino you all liked so much.


Why all the breakfast talk? It’s my way of getting the ball rolling. I’m anticipating many a client breakfast this coming year and would love your thoughts on the matter.


So do share.  What’s your absolute favorite breakfast/brunch indulgence?


And that New Year’s resolution?  To focus more on the task at hand.  Breakfast seems a good place to start.

We’ve missed you,