Store Bought Appetizers


I’m always inspired by my mom’s easy entertaining style. On a recent visit she served some store bought appetizers which were delicious and innovative. Hope they inspire you too and in honor of my mom you should serve these with chilled Prosecco as she always does.

cold pizza appetizer

Slice a pizza into wedges and serve it room temperature with some pepperoncinis! Granted this was especially yummy as the pizza was from the Cheese Board in Berkeley.

flat bread with dips

Afghani spinach flatbread from the Farmer’s Market with complimentary dips. The red one is a sweet pepper jelly, the green is a cilantro pest and the white is a garlic mint cheese spread. DIVINE when all three are heaped onto a wedge of spongy bread together.

appetizers  on white platters

It’s all about the presentation, make it look nice on a platter! You could replicate these dishes above with items from Trader Joe’s or your own local artisan vendors. For more tips on entertaining read this.

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