Meatless Monday: No-Knead Pizza Dough


BOn Appetit march-2012

The March cover of Bon Apptetit was so mouth watering immediately invited friends over for a make-your-own-pizza party. Messy and misshapen, our homemade pizza was shockingly delicious, better than any of the artisan pizza spots in town (this is a true statement.) One friend even said “I had no idea you could make good pizza at home.” Yes you can friends and you must.

The secret is this unbelievable dough recipe care of Jim Lahey and New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery. Click here to find the recipe at Bon Appetite. Here are the steps. You mix tons of flour with some yeast and salt and water and let it sit in a big bowl overnight to ferment and proof.

The next morning you portion the dough into balls and allow to rest again for a few hours.

When they look delightfully fat and puffy you heat your oven as hot as it will go. Spread out a dough ball onto a baking sheet (gently to preserve the pockets of air which gives the dough it’s chewy insides). Top with your favorite veggies, cheeses and meats, if it’s not Meatless Monday of course. Bake for about 12 minutes and you have a crisp crust with toothsome insides and tons of flavor.

So good there were no pictures taken of the finished product as my hands were covered with gooey cheese and tomato sauce… for the whole night. Sorry.






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  1. Jennifer
    March 20, 2012 at 7:54 pm (11 years ago)

    Oh, I’m so excited to try this! Thanks for testing out the homemade dough–it’s something I’ve never attempted but feel confident in trying now thanks to your post. And no need to apologize…I’ve never met a pizza that lasted long enough for a picture! Thanks again!

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