The Weekend Dish: Deck Towel


Happy Weekend Friends!

This hot weather has had us dreaming about lounging on toasty sand beaches or sipping iced tea poolside. Even a grassy picnic would satsify those first cravings of summer.

Norbert Deck Towel

Deck Towle- Norbert

Deck Towel by Buck Ellison just released a new fabulous color named Norbert. Vibrant red with crisp white stripes.


Deck Towel-Boudewijn

Deck Towel-Boudewijn

Boudewijn still has my heart…


Deck Towel-Francis

Deck Towel-Francis

and Francis…


Deck Towel-Gilles

Deck Towel-Gilles

Gilles too!

So hard to choose. Snap them up before they run out of your favorite.



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