Pain de Mie


Pullman Bread

Breakfast yesterday was with a friend at Joan’s on Third, a gourmet marketplace and cafe where beautiful cheeses share white marble counter space with homemade chips, pretzels and pastas and rows of pastries and tall cupcakes are displayed on black iron stands.  All the clean, cool shapes in black and white let the food take center stage.  Joan’s does a bang-up beautiful job.  Such a beautiful job, in fact, that they don’t allow you to snap pictures inside.

Which I learned the hard way.

So, my intended post on the beautiful interior of one of our fave breakfast spots is now a question.  Do any of you make bread?  Because my go-to soft-boiled egg was better than average when scooped onto inch-thick slices of toasted pain de mie spread with salted butter.  Which isn’t surprising because pain de mie is essentially homemade Wonderbread with all the soft sweetness that implies.

Beard on Bread has a good recipe and so does King Arthur.  Tell me, have you tried either?  I’m going to give it a go when the weather cools.


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