Green Moving Boxes


Drew and I recently moved to a new neighborhood in Los Angeles. We rented these fantastic Green Boxes for our packing process. The company delivers a complete set of reusable plastic boxes + eco freindly packing paper and crinkle wrap to your door. You pack up your treasures and secure each box with the provided zip ties and cute craft paper tags for labeling. Then you move (wince.) Once you unpack the Green Boxes, schedule a pick up and they come collect them from your new pad.

Green Boxes

NO cardboard, NO taping boxes and NO struggling with a box cutter to break them down. NO manicures or trees are ruined in the process. The boxes stack safely since they are so durable so you have more room to maneuver around your place as you pack and unpack.

This company services the Los Angels and Orange County area but maybe you can find a similar company in other areas? Give it a google.



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