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Today we are debuting a new series of food journals from our favorite bloggers called A Day in the Food Life. Our guest bloggers will share what they ate and drank for one whole day because what better way to get to know a person than by what they REALLY eat? Our debut blogger is my cousin-in-law Tom Riles. He’s a comedian, husband and dad extraordinaire. He has the coolest comedy job ever, warming up the audience everyday for The Ellen Show! Check out his hysterical site Life of Dad for a first-hand account of fatherhood, it will make you giggle. Thanks Tom!

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Life of Dad  –  Chow Time

I’m a dad to an nine month old baby girl.  Her name is Babs.  She eats sweet potatoes, pears, apples, carrots, and milk.  I need more than that to survive.  Some celebrities go on baby food diets.  I’m not a celebrity, so I eat adult food.  Here is my running diary of what I ate yesterday.  Thank you Apples and Onions for giving me the chance to finally share this with the world.

Tom, Lucy and Barbara

Tom's beautiful wife and daughter


Substance:  Orange Juice

Explanation:  I’m usually up pretty early, and need something that destroys my overnight bad breath.  Orange juice is the answer.  I love pulp.  Baby Babs should be waking up in about an hour.


Substance:  Coffee

Explanation:  My eyes were still shut, and coffee makes me happy and awake.



Substance:  Granola, strawberry/banana yogurt, and a banana on top.

Explanation:  Granola is awesome whether it is a bar or a cereal.  Yoplait yogurt was 10 for $5 at Ralph’s grocery store.  Bananas = 19 cents at Trader Joes.  I ate this combination out of a coffee mug, which watching the baby monitor.


Substance:  Ice Water

Explanation:  I was thirsty.  Coffee dehydrates.  Baby Babs is awake!


Substance:  Cool water (used to be ice water)

Explanation:  Just because.  I started feeding Baby Babs apples and prunes.  That would be a good name for a website!


Substance:  Chewy Quaker Chocolate Granola Bar

Explanation:  I’ve had more granola than usual today.  And I like it.


Substance:  Luke Warm Water (used to be cool water)

Explanation:  I needed to wash down the granola.



Substance:  Salad with grilled chicken, peppers, tomatoes, oil, and vinegar

Explanation:  This is not my normal lunch.  Somehow today, all of the stars aligned, and this dream meal became a reality.  My wife made the salad last night, and I grilled chicken two nights ago.  Today the salad and chicken came together magnificently.


Substance:  Toothpaste/Water Combination

Explanation:  While brushing my teeth, I mistakenly swallowed a Crest/saliva/tap water mix.  Baby Babs just attempted to eat her stroller.



Substance:  Trail Mix

Explanation:  I work at Ellen, and we always have incredible craft services.  I try to lean towards the healthy stuff, so it was a trail mix pick me up before the show.  Then I watched 300 middle-aged women scream wildly for Justin Bieber.


Substance:  Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Cookies

Explanation:  I had two of them at home, while feeding my daughter a combination of peas and bananas.  I kind of felt bad.


Substance:  Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken and Rice, and a Miller Lite (can)

Explanation:  After the baby went to sleep for the night, I prepared this favorite meal of mine.  I decided to bake the chicken instead of fry it, cutting down on unhealthiness.  It was fantastic, as always.  The beer washed the food down perfectly.


Substance:  Manhattan (one part whiskey, two parts sweet vermouth)


Explanation:  A tradition in my wife’s family, I have now fallen in love with this drink.  I have started to realize though, that these put me to sleep.  When I know I’ll be crashing in the next hour or so, and I want a stiff drink, I’ll have a manhattan.  This stuff works better than NyQuil.


Substance:  Ice Water

Explanation:  After brushing my teeth before bed, I had a glass of water.  Then I dreamt of orange chicken all night long.

5 Comments on A Day in the Food Life: Life of Dad

  1. Jane
    December 2, 2010 at 6:10 pm (12 years ago)

    Love hearing what a young dad eats in a day….interesting Tommy makes it so funny…like your guest blogger idea

  2. Mary Sullivan
    December 3, 2010 at 10:29 am (12 years ago)

    I really enjoyed Tommy’s contribution to
    your blog. but I thought the Manhattan recipe was
    a family secret.

    December 4, 2010 at 5:31 pm (12 years ago)

    Those Manhattans are fabulous but remember the old but true saying “From your lips to your hips” is so true with this luscious tasting “beverage”. The soaked cherries are to die for!

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