A Day In the Food Life: Laney Crowell of FA-LO-ME.com


We have a real treat for you guys today! A Day in the Food Life from NYC gal-about-town, Laney Crowell of FA-LO-ME.com, short for Fashion Love Me. A former fashion editor at glossy mags such as Elle and Lucky, Laney is now the Director of Online Media at Blue Stripe PR, a fashion PR agency in New York City. You might have seen her well curated fashion and lifestyle blog (she cooks too!) featured on HarpersBazaar.com last November. Laney and I were on the swim team together in high school at Marin Academy in San Rafael, CA. We always made sure to be in the sunniest lane to work on our tans during practice. Multitasking at an early age. xo, LEH

All photos in this story by Laney. Make sure you check out her blog and follow her on twitter to stay in the know.

Laney Crowell

A Day In the Food Life: Laney Crowell of FA-LO-ME.com

A day in my food life can vary so drastically day to day, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to be very embarrassed by how unhealthy my eating habits are or have nothing to write down because sometimes it gets too busy to find time to have a real meal. There are many days where I eat every meal standing or walking to a meeting. Living in New York means that I have quite a lot of tempting food options at my fingertips, but it also means that I’m often very, very rushed.

Coffee and Lindt's

This morning around 8 am, when I got back from my run, I had a couple of my favorite Lindt chocolates along with a big cup of coffee with half and half for breakfast. When I was traveling I was able to kick my coffee with cream habit, but now that I’m back in Manhattan it’s hard for me to get to work with out a large from Grey Dog. I actually have quite a lot of meals at Grey Dog because the coffee is strong, the vibe is super laid back, and it reminds me of coffee shops in San Francisco.

Raw Almonds

Around 11 am, I decided that it was time for round two and got another large coffee with half and half.

Around 2 pm, I grabbed the bag of raw almonds from my bag and snacked on those while the daily conversation of where to order lunch from began. It’s always a constant battle between, Blossom, the vegan restaurant that I love, and the burrito place that everyone else loves.

NY Burrito

Today we ordered from the Mexican restaurant, which for the record, doesn’t not even compare to Mexican food in California. I opted out of the ordering, but then had a bunch of bites and tons of chips with salsa.

Chips and NY Guac

At 8 pm, finally wrapping up work (and starving) I went downtown to The Waverly Inn for drinks. I was meeting an old friend whom is now the PR director at a jean line that is thinking about doing a collaboration/giveaway on my blog. I think we talked about work for all of ten minutes before our martinis arrived and the conversation turned to boys (of course).

kalamata olive martini

When 10 pm rolled around, the three olives I had in my drink weren’t sustaining me and I said good bye to my cocktail buddies. Dinner was at The Breslin which is located in the Ace Hotel. It’s a semi-new place that is run by the same people as famed gastropub, The Spotted Pig in the West Village. We ordered oysters with pickle juice, fried sweetbreads, seafood sausage, peanuts fried in duck fat, and oxtail with yams. Now, before you start worrying about my cholesterol levels please note that when I stay home I usually have two pieces of gluten-free bread with Earth Balance non-dairy butter for dinner. I figure it all evens out in the end, right?

That was that and I was in bed by 1am, ready to start it all over again. I hope this Day in my Food Life doesn’t shock all of you micro-biotic, vegan, locavores because, I have to admit, it was kinda a perfect day in my book.

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  1. Julie
    February 10, 2011 at 11:19 am (12 years ago)

    Ha- love this. Great post!

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