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Fresh Fruit Centerpieces


Sorry we’ve been away for a few weeks, Sarah got married! She had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the spectacular home of her parents, outside of Chicago. Sarah and I made the centerpieces for the reception tables.

She designed her wedding using a color palette of white, greens, pale pale pink and midnight. Summer fruit of white peaches, black plums and black mission and green kadota figs provided the perfect hues. Two days before the wedding we nestled the fruit on a bed of pale green moss atop mercury glass candy dishes.

Sarah added the black dahlias, assorted pink blooms as well as fresh blackberries the morning of the wedding. The arrangements were a hit among the guests. The mercury glass sparkled in the candle light and the fruit was a rustic and bountiful addition to each table.

No one died from eating the fruit off the arrangements (we super glued the fruit together) and only one arrangement light on fire from a nearby candle! Success.

Get out your jam jars…


I keep coins in old Bonne Maman jam jars, paper clips in a stubby round moutarde and our toothbrushes in a Mason-type that’s embossed with lilies of the valley.  But this, this, is my new justification for all the empty jars currently holding my pantry space hostage.  Won’t a cluster of these make your dinner table feel special?


p.s. Ikea sells bags of little votive candles super cheap and these pretty matchboxes house extra-long matches so no burnt fingertips.

Vintage Bridal Shower


By Sarah Lagrotteria

My Aunt Holly and my cousin Katie threw me the most beautiful bridal shower at their home last Saturday.  It was a vintage-themed ladies luncheon for my Los Angeles girlfriends–complete with bridal bingo from 1970!

My cousin baked, painted and “bejeweled” sugar cookie engagement rings as favors.

My Aunt styled the table after a beautiful bridal gown…

….and decorated the tabletop with “vintage” wedding pics from the women in my family as well as cake toppers from their weddings and her friends’ weddings. It was a treat to see them side by side and appreciate all the different wedding styles.

Check out my parents!  My mom wore a high-neck lace mini for her wedding dress–so chic!

My grandmother wore a beautiful suit.

They also asked my friends to write out their favorite recipes on these beautiful cards. Lydia included her mom’s famous carrot cake! I can’t wait to share them all with you.

….lucky lucky lucky me.


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