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Lydia’s Wedding Inspiration


Thanks for being so patient for me to share the pictures and creative process of my wedding last fall! Below is a collage I made of the images I pulled from the internet in the early “research” phase of the planning process.

LE wedding inspiration collage

At first I didn’t have any set “colors” or specific “theme” but I found a lot of images I loved and once I pulled them together I could start to see what the night would look like. These images really helped me convey what I wanted to my florist and other vendors too.

Just a taste of what inspired me, I will share some of the fun planning details and decor in the coming weeks!



The Weekend Dish: Yves Klein Blue


What are you up to this weekend friends?

Sarah and I are meeting to discuss an exciting new business venture (details in due time) and I am still crafting for my wedding (ditto)!

Oprah Yves Klien Blue items
courtesy of

Oprah declared Yves Klein Blue the hot color for this year, though I think this vibrant and sophisticated pigment is always in vogue.

wedding palette inspiration

The colors and textures of this room inspired my wedding colors/materials palette of IKB, white, natural linen and wood and then I added red as a bright accent color.


courtesy of

Thanks to my personal art historian Mary I know how this color got it’s name.

image courtesy of

Drew painted a wall in our bedroom this color last year as a surprise for me one weekend when I was away!

blue and white ikat napkins
image courtesy of

I referenced it a few weeks past as it’s a great color to liven up the traditional “fall” palette of table decor. Hope this color inspires you too.