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November Wedding: Lydia & Drew


In the days leading up to my first wedding anniversary I’m excited to share some of the beautiful pictures of our special day. We didn’t hire a photographer but asked an army of talented friends and family to take pics. We are forever grateful to Jen, Patrick, Beth, Aaron, George and Buck for these memories.

Entrance Arch

Rancho del Diablo Dormido in Malibu Canyon, CA

hanging letters my brother Wyatt made us these letters in our signature font, they hung from tree branches

XOXO hanging

Mary and I splashed Ikea fabric with red paint

buttons and bow tiefriends helped us get dressed

Guest Book

Our guest “cook” book was Sunday Suppers at Lucques (our favorite restaurant in LA)

Rosemary Spiced Nuts

darling Sarah made and packaged Rosemary Spiced Nuts

Cokes and Champ

pre-ceremony refreshments

Sophia Champ Cans

ustom Stamped Napkins

Amanda Koosed designed us a monogram and we made it into an ink stamp for paper cocktail napkins

Magnolia Leaves and Berries in Blue Vase

fabric hangings

whimsical painted fabric hangings

Flower Girl on the Whirly

my cousin Sierra was the adorable flower girl

Seating Chart

Amanda found us this signature font which we used everywhere, from the invitations to the seating chart!

Bridal Bouquet

my bouquet of gardenia, magnolia leaves and rosemary tied with a navy velvet ribbon

Lydia and Bridesmaids

stunning bridesmaids in their own dresses

the handsome groom and groomsmen

Drew and Groomsmen

a serious bunch

Love Stories

the bridesmaids carried their favorite love stories down the aisle

Drew + Bridesmaids

Lydia + Groomsmen

Groomesmen SocksDrew gifted the groomsmen colorful socks as a thank you

Wedding Bands

Patrick Adams

Patrick captured under the magnolia leaf ceremony arch

Groomsmen Button from Emerson Made

the men in the bridal party wore fabric buttons from EmersonMade

Dessert Buffet

dessert buffet with homemade treats from family and friends

Champ Toasta toast before we process

… to be continued

Santa Barbara Wedding Decor


4th of July weekend Drew and I attended a BEAUTIFUL wedding in Santa Barbara. The bride is an old roommate of mine so it was just as fun of a weekend as it was a stunning event. She had so many great ideas for rustic, elegant decor that is appropriate for your setting and venue.

The SB Historical Museum

Clay pots lined the entrance to the Santa Barbara Historical Museum entrance where the wedding ceremony and reception were held.


Chilled champagne and beers welcome guests, a popular touch. I loved how the seafoam table linens showed off those copper drink tubs, a color combination only nature could dream up.

Wedding Programs

Pretty programs kept company by grey- green succulents and a peachy pink garden rose.

SB Walls

The aging on this wall is so lovely. Just imagine the wedding portraits against this backdrop.

SB ceremony aisle

The ceremony was held in the courtyard where dark wood chairs flanked an aisle strewn with succulents and over ripe pink peony blooms. A canopy of grape vines on trellises framed the site. So California, so Santa Barbara.

SB wedding flower pots

Peonies were bursting out of a bed of succulents in big pots at the “alter” of the ceremony area. The feathery grass was such a fun and whimsical touch, blowing in the wind like a bridal veil.

creamy canvas panels

Floating canvas panels in various lengths were an earthy but elegant marker for the ceremony’s center.

Peonies and Succulents

This was my favorite detail of the wedding decor, open peonies and succulents “blooming” in the dirt down the aisle.

bridal bouquet

The bride dressed up the cream, pinks, greens and tans of her wedding decor with pops of black. Her bouquet of creamy white peonies, hydrangeas and pink spray roses was bound with a black ribbon.

heirloom tomato crostini

The caterer’s did a great job displaying their yummy food, heirloom tomato and mozzarella crostini appetizer looks fresh on a bed of chives.

table flowers

Native SB lavender mingles with dahlias in an aged bronze vase.

Burlap Runner on Wood Table

Dinner was served at 4 long tables that formed a square around the dance floor (an A & O wedding favorite). Dark wood tables with long burlap runners were studded with fluffy pink and white flower arrangements.

wedding centerpieces

Shades of pink and magenta in a cement vase that echos the starburst shape of the dahlias.

escort cards

Name cards were tucked under knives and matched the pretty menus (and the invitations and programs.)

bridesmaids bouquet

The bridesmaids wore a black dress of their own choosing but carried feminine flowers tied with a rich pink velvet ribbon.

Wedding outdoor lounge

An outdoor lounge area was created just behind the dinner area with white linen stools and Moroccan bronze trays turned into coffee tables.

Ceramic Lanterns

Mod ceramic lanterns and tea lights flickered as the night turned from dusk to dark.

Cupcake Buffet

Guests helped themselves to assorted cupcakes in fun flavors like oreo cookies n’ cream and birthday cake. The mini wedding cake was topped with a fuzzy succulent. Don’t you just love this decor and color palette?!

Congratulations to the happy couple, may your life together be a beautiful as the day you wed!




Vineyard Wedding



Wedding decor, wedding table decor, flowers in mason jrs for weddings

Ranunculus, peonies and wildflowers in Mason jars at the tables

Happy Wednesday, loves.

As much as I already like today I wish I could rewind and go back to Friday night just before the start of the weekend festivities.  My brother married a lady we all love and their day was simply spectacular in that sun-dappled and love-filled California way.  My sister-in-law, Jenn, and wedding stylist Re Jin Lee (of Bailey Doesn’t Bark*) concocted one of the most beautiful events I’ve seen.  The natural setting alone enchanted us with its old oak trees and hanging moss.  Jenn and Re Jin Lee created a look that was rustic but clean, echoing the leafy green surrounds with dark wood and natural fabrics punctuated by lots of white, soft pink and unexpected pops of turquoise and sunshine yellow.

Here are some details for you.


Hanging Mason jar lanterns

Mason jar lanterns swaying in the Spanish Moss

Wedding greeting and guestbook table

Guest book table

The guest book and card catch were displayed alongside a black and white photo of the couple, a rustic wooden ledge, hydrangeas and wildflowers in antique jars and a vintage turquoise pitcher full of yellow pom poms.


Close-up of turquoise pitcher



Escort Cards

The escort cards were little Kraft paper flags planted in moss beds.


Rustic buffet

Cheese plate on a rustic tree stand

Waiters passed bruschetta and devils on horseback during cocktail hour and we nibbled off of this beautiful rustic buffet of charcuterie, cheese and fruit.  Mixing the occasional stump in in among traditional white platters keeps the look clean and elegant.


charcuterie platter

Cheese and charcuterie

Mixed platters showcase plump grapes and blackberries served with ribbons of cured meats.

Wedding decor, rustic wedding, dessert table for wedding

Friends put together a dessert buffet that included traditional Korean sweets, classic European pastries as well as old-fashioned American layer cakes (I had lemon coconut!).  All were plated on friends’ cake plates, 3-tiered serving dishes and in tall apothecary jars and clustered together so the table resembled a cake shop or Wayne Thiebaud’s work.  I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  Later, during dessert, waiters scooped rich gelato and sorbet so that both my brother’s (Italian) and his wife’s (Korean) heritages were represented.


burlap runner, long tables, wedding table decor

Long tables with burlap runners

You know we love a burlap runner.  The huge, dark farm tables looked beautiful out on the grass and marked off a perfect square for dancing.  Each mason jar had a different mix of ranunculus, peonies and wildflowers.


Hydrangea centerpiece

Hydrangea Centerpiece

A simple bouquet of fluffy hydrangeas centered each table.


wedding menu and placesetting

Menu and place setting

All the plates and napkins were white and the runners and menus were the same natural color for a cohesive, elegant look.

Each setting had a yellow pom which may have been my favorite touch.

The “feast” was served family style and included caprese and mixed green salads, followed by Parmesan risotto and a handmade pappardelle green with fresh herbs, then fillet of beef and roast salmon served with grilled zucchini and asparagus from the Lago Giuseppe garden.

I enjoyed the food so much I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

Lago Giuseppe

The view from my seat.  Fairyland.

wedding cake on rustic wooden slice

Lastly, the cake.  What do you think?  It’s larger than the inspiration shot but we wanted enough to go around.  It was too dark to photograph when we cut it so I don’t have an inside shot of this particular cake.

Wedding cake slice

But here’s a slice from an earlier run-through.  All that’s missing is another inch-thick layer of vanilla buttercream all around.  The cake is Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Buttermilk country cake and the layers are a framboise mascarpone custard alternating with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.  It’s not too sweet and both the cake and buttercream are light and tender with soft vanilla flavor.  Combined with the custard and fresh strawberries, the best I can liken it to is an airy berry shortcake with extra-decadent whipped cream.

Congratulations and much love to the beautiful couple!!



* You know what’s funny?  Lydia and I have both featured Bailey Doesn’t Bark on A & O (here and here), but we had no idea that the artist behind the brand is one of my sister-in-law’s dearest friends!  I thought Jenn had found Re Jin Lee here and she thought we highlighted her friend’s work in part because they are friends.  Nope, we just love Bailey Doesn’t Bark. xo


Hand-Dyed Ombré Napkins


Image: via

Once Wed recently featured these delicate DIY beauties.  They’d add soft, dreamy color to a wedding table for sure, but my first thought was Easter brunch.


Tie-dye is tricky.  One misstep and you land in cheesytown.  Once Wed gets it right with an otherwise all-white table and flowers in the same creamsicle colors as the napkins.

I love the blue.

What do you think?


Lydia’s Wedding Inspiration


Thanks for being so patient for me to share the pictures and creative process of my wedding last fall! Below is a collage I made of the images I pulled from the internet in the early “research” phase of the planning process.

LE wedding inspiration collage

At first I didn’t have any set “colors” or specific “theme” but I found a lot of images I loved and once I pulled them together I could start to see what the night would look like. These images really helped me convey what I wanted to my florist and other vendors too.

Just a taste of what inspired me, I will share some of the fun planning details and decor in the coming weeks!



The Weekend Dish: Getting Hitched!


Hi friends!  What are you up to this weekend?

Image: Martha Stewart

Lydia and Drew are making it official!

I’m busy baking fudgy espresso brownies and roasting spicy rosemary nuts for the reception.

It’s such a joy anticipating a loved one’s wedding.

Come join me in my enthusiasm!

These weddings and inspiration boards will put you in the dizzy-tizzy love happy mood.

A wind-swept romance

Inspired by my favorite children’s novel

I have a girl crush on this romantic California bride.

I also tried her Alix & Kelley “Grace” gown

and the equally gorgeous “Kate”  for my own wedding.

Mermaid + sea captain = impossibly romantic

Our friends Peter and Negar had the most romantically luxe wedding I’ve ever seen.

Are you feeling the love?

Me too.


P.S.  Have you entered our giveaway?  Don’t be shy.  Comments close at midnight tonight PST.

Vermont Wedding


Happy first day of fall!

I thought you’d enjoy pictures from the wedding Angus and I attended in Vermont this past weekend. The brides’ attention to detail and they and their loved ones’ enthusiasm made for a day full of love, sunshine, flowers, poetry, farm foods, fire and song.  I wish you all could have experienced it with me.

The brides’ friends hosted the ceremony and reception at their farmhouse outside of Middlebury.  The leaves were just beginning to change.

In the days leading up to the event, friends gathered to bake and decorate.  They collected wildflowers from the fields which we arranged in vintage blue mason jars.

The rest of the glassware was clear and the raw burlap tablecloths neutral to highlight the natural elements — flowers, sky and the lion-colored fields beyond.

Heaters placed in-between the picnic tables were wrapped in brown fabric to blend into the scenery.  One of the bride’s fathers built a frame for the cafe lights and trimmed it with mossy twine.

Which we used to hang freshly-picked nosegays.

Bridal bouquet #1 riffed on the nosegays.  It was an elongated cascade of bright blooms.

The surrounding fields of swaying flowers and grasses inspired bridal bouquet # 2 — a spray of wild, waving pom-poms stemming from magenta pine-like base.

Using our hostess’ platters, we arranged an incredible Vermont cheeseboard that included Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Willow Hill Farm’s Alderbrook semi-ripe sheep’s milk cheese, their gloriously nutty Tomme, Orb Weaver Farm’s Cage-Aged cow’s milk cheese and plain, peppered and herbed fresh chèvres from Blue Ledge Farm— all carefully chosen by one of the brides, a dear friend I met when she was cooking at Babbo.

I’d have thought it impossible to improve upon such exquisitely made and lovingly selected cheeses, but raw honeycomb, chili pepper jam and the hostess’ homemade mostardas added even more love and deliciousness.

We ate family-style. Cassoulet made from local duck and chicken plus these beautiful veggie pot pies, each baked in a different dish.

For dessert, friends baked 18(!) pies from fruit picked at nearby farms, using one pal’s just-salty-enough dough recipe.  My favorite was the apple with a crumble topping.  Angus was partial to blueberry with vanilla ice cream.

I was too busy eating pie to take a picture of pie.

We had two huge pieces each.

Our host ended the evening by building a bonfire that seemed to touch the stars.  We stood for awhile in awe of the flames then filled the night sky with guitar chords and song.


Decor Inspiration- preppy bohemian


I’m describing the decor for my upcoming wedding as “A J. Crew shoot in Morocco.”

monogram napkin, julip cups

The marriage of two opposites…

sailor french bulldog

Preppy- think stripes, monograms, silver Julip cups, red roses and pearls.


Bohemian- think rugs on the grass, metal lanterns, drippy candles and leather poofs.

leather poufs

Coming together to make a beautiful whole. That’s what marriage is all about right? Let me know your thoughts and ideas for this concept.

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