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Glossy Glassware


by Lydia Ellison


We use these little glasses (Venetian style wine tumblers) every time we entertain and people flip over them. As delicate as they are they are pretty durable. We use them to serve water, wine, espresso and even hot mint tea! I love how they are dressy and elegant yet all different which gives a rustic vibe to the table setting. They add a touch of class to my Ikea dishware.

These make a great gift! I bought them at a local boutique New Stone Age, but has them too.

For my birhtday I want these…


and these…


thank you!

Get out your jam jars…


I keep coins in old Bonne Maman jam jars, paper clips in a stubby round moutarde and our toothbrushes in a Mason-type that’s embossed with lilies of the valley.  But this, this, is my new justification for all the empty jars currently holding my pantry space hostage.  Won’t a cluster of these make your dinner table feel special?


p.s. Ikea sells bags of little votive candles super cheap and these pretty matchboxes house extra-long matches so no burnt fingertips.