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Happy February!




Happy February, my dears!  Are you suffering from winter-has-gone-on-too-long syndrome?  It’s nothing a pretty Valentine’s card can’t cure.

I’m a big supporter of sending heart cards to friends and family.  It gets you off the hook during the holiday season and comes as a sweet surprise to those who aren’t expecting a valentine.

In Los Angeles, I love card shopping at Soolip and Urbanic.  Online, I have an account at Rifle Paper Co. and I’ve also used Minted, Pinhole Press and Pancake & Franks.

For instant messages, Lydia has turned me on to the Red Stamp app for iPhone which offers an incredible number of stylish, modern cards you can personalize with messages and photos then send via text, email or snail mail.

I’d love to have a few more dependable resources for creative cards.  So tell us, where do you browse pretty papers?

xo Sarah

The Weekend Dish: Valentines


Vintage Valentines–Love is All You Need–by If I Were Cards via Etsy

Happy Friday, my sweets!

What are you doing this weekend?

Lydia and I are making brunch at the beach for 12 out-of-towners.  They’re in for a treat weather-wise (food-wise too, I hope ; )).

I have valentines on my mind.

"Ring Mine" card by Two Cents

An all-time fave

EmersonMade Yes, Horse! T

Does your sister deserve a pony?  Mine does.

"The Parts of My Heart" card by Armatodesign

Romance Grey‘s style

Essie for J. Crew in Milky Way

A quiet kind of love.

"Bunny Hug" by Trafalgar Square

For your Mama friends and their wee ones

The Kitchn's Strawberry Milk Cake

For everyone

(Thanks to Kaitlin for tipping us off)

Poster by Row Boat Press


Happy weekend, friends.


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