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The Weekend Dish: Wedding Cake Preview



Rustic wood cakestand

Image via OnceWed

Happy Friday, loves!  What do you have planned for the weekend?

Lydia is executing 2 barbecues for clients and I’m in sunny Paso Robles putting together my brother’s wedding cake.  The picture above is my inspiration.  Isn’t it pretty?  Wish me luck!  I’ll share pictures and process next week.

In case you missed it, The Daily Meal has published a new installment in our Registry Basics Series, our list of Serving Essentials.


The Weekend Dish: Picnics


Image: Unknown


Happy Friday, loves!

I’m dreaming of sun, grass and faded blankets.  Maybe a green river lazing by.

The Rat brought the boat alongside the bank, tied it up, helped awkward Mole safely ashore, and swung out the picnic basket. The Mole begged to be allowed to unpack it all by himself. He took out all the mysterious packets one by one and arranged their contents, gasping ‘Oh my! Oh my!’ at each fresh surprise.

-Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Wishing you a weekend of fresh surprises,


The Weekend Dish: Deck Towel


Happy Weekend Friends!

This hot weather has had us dreaming about lounging on toasty sand beaches or sipping iced tea poolside. Even a grassy picnic would satsify those first cravings of summer.

Norbert Deck Towel

Deck Towle- Norbert

Deck Towel by Buck Ellison just released a new fabulous color named Norbert. Vibrant red with crisp white stripes.


Deck Towel-Boudewijn

Deck Towel-Boudewijn

Boudewijn still has my heart…


Deck Towel-Francis

Deck Towel-Francis

and Francis…


Deck Towel-Gilles

Deck Towel-Gilles

Gilles too!

So hard to choose. Snap them up before they run out of your favorite.



The Weekend Dish: Palm Springs


Happy weekend, loves!

We’ve been cooking all week in Palm Springs.

If this was a vacation, we’d


brunch at Norma’s

Image: Jessica Schwartzberg for Travel & Leisure

bike around town

Image: Vilskekogen

share truffle fries at The Viceroy


lounge poolside

Image: J. Crew

and bust out our summer brights

Image: via Fashionising

and floppy hats.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


The Weekend Dish: Black & White Wedding Registry


Happy Friday! I’m attending a wedding shower this weekend while Sarah covers for me at work (she’s the best.) In shopping for a gift for the beautiful bride I fell in love with her wedding registry. All of her kitchen appliances and tools are white with a few accents of black.

The Four Seasons Towel
The Four Seasons Towl

White is simple, clean, classy and timeless which is important when registering for wedding gifts. Let us not forget the era of avocado colored appliances! Here are some of our favorite kitchen tools in elegant white and black…

white kitchen aid stand mixer

Kitchen Aid stand mixer

white silicone spatula

Le Creuset silicone spatula

white le creuset oval

Le Creuset Oval French Oven

oven mitt

every kitchen needs an oven mitt or two


microplane zester/grater

white slant bowls

Don’t forget a pretty white bowls and plates for showcasing your homemade delights.

Timeless tools in a timeless color you will use for a lifetime.



The Weekend Dish: Hints of Spring


Image: Vanessa Jackman

Hi, loves.

I spy spring.

Can you see it?

Flowers in the snow

Crab apple blossoms

Fresh fashion campaigns

Image: Jimmy Schonning

Pops of pink

Nars Schiap

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever the weather.

Next week, Meatless Monday returns!


The Weekend Dish: Valentines


Vintage Valentines–Love is All You Need–by If I Were Cards via Etsy

Happy Friday, my sweets!

What are you doing this weekend?

Lydia and I are making brunch at the beach for 12 out-of-towners.  They’re in for a treat weather-wise (food-wise too, I hope ; )).

I have valentines on my mind.

"Ring Mine" card by Two Cents

An all-time fave

EmersonMade Yes, Horse! T

Does your sister deserve a pony?  Mine does.

"The Parts of My Heart" card by Armatodesign

Romance Grey‘s style

Essie for J. Crew in Milky Way

A quiet kind of love.

"Bunny Hug" by Trafalgar Square

For your Mama friends and their wee ones

The Kitchn's Strawberry Milk Cake

For everyone

(Thanks to Kaitlin for tipping us off)

Poster by Row Boat Press


Happy weekend, friends.


P.S. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway!  Comments close at 12 Midnight PST tonight.

The Weekend Dish: Street Chic


Image: The Sartorialist

Street fashion consistently inspires.  We check in regularly with The Sartorialist,’s Street Chic and Garance Dore and find new visions for our tables and home décor (see here, here, here and here).

Miss Moss loves street style too.  And I love that she mirrors each image with a work of classic art.

As our pal Halie pointed out, Miss Moss knows art.

The results are stunning.

Next week: recipes return!

Enjoy the weekend, loves.


The Weekend Dish: New Slate = White Plates


Clean and crisp against near-black walls

Happy Friday, loves!

How have your resolutions been treating you?

I promise this is my last mention of the New Year, but I love the clean slate feeling—the reminder that we don’t know what life will bring.

Which is also why I love white plates—a reminder that I never know what dish I’ll create or how it will look or taste.

Here are a few of my faves.

Look closely— this one has a honeycomb texture


A matte ceramic coupe makes a clean presentation

A bit ghostly and irregular

If you’re feeling baroque

Happy cooking!


The Weekend Dish: Holiday Cookies


What are you up to this weekend friends? Sarah and I are closing up the kitchen and traveling to spend the holiday with our families. We are both so excited to see our siblings and parents and share in the week of cooking, decorating and cozy traditions. When I think about my highlights of the week before Christmas I noticed a strong theme… cookies!

MS gingerbread people

I’m looking forward to decorating gingerbread men and women with my mom this weekend as we’ve done almost every year my entire life.

MS jam cookies

Since childhood I’ve been OBSESSED with the jam galettes from Harry & David and my lovely Grandma always keeps them in stock this time of year, chilled in her fridge for when I visit. Almond-y butter cookies sandwiching tart and sweet jam, be still my heart.

Sugar cookies- LEH wedding

photo by Nancy Blum

When we get to Atlanta, I always love helping bake these incredible sugar cookies that are a Christmas tradition in Drew’s family. Buttery, sweet and light, the recipe has been in the Howerton family for many generations (the secret ingredient is buttermilk!)

Gingerbread Cookies- LEH wedding

photo by Nancy Blum

Another heirloom Howerton family cookie recipe I crave are these gingersnaps. The perfect balance of sweet and spice. The photos above are from the dessert buffet at our wedding where Drew’s incredible Aunts baked dozens of these signature family cookies and shipped them across the country for our big day.

chocolate peppermint cookies

My newest cookie fantasy is these double chocolate peppermint cookies from December’s Bon Appetit that I want to try. There is always room for new cookie traditions this time of year!


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