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The Apple Pancake


Apple pancake recipe

The Kitchn headline read Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The Apple Pancake.  Not Apple Pancakes but THE Apple Pancake.  I knew the inspiration had to be Walker Brothers.

I’ve talked about Walker Brothers before, but haven’t lavished enough attention on the star of their menu, the apple pancake.  If you’re from Chicago or have visited and eaten an apple pancake you’ll know from the pictures that The Kitchn recipe doesn’t lavish nearly enough caramel on its pancake.  The real apple pancake boasts a heavy crown of buttered apple slices topped with a layer of maple caramel that’s an inch plus thick.  It’s not breakfast, but a treacly, over-the-top dessert.  My mom has confessed that she and my dad would share one for dinner when they were first dating.  It’s the kind of indulgent that works best when you’re still naturally skinny and so in love the calories don’t count.  They probably told themselves it was healthy.  Apples, you know.

I followed the Kitchn recipe and while it didn’t make The Apple Pancake, the one it produces is stunning, delicious and easier to make than a frittata.  It’s also not embarrassingly decadent so it’s doable for friends and very doable for a date night.  A low-cal date night, of course.

Thank you, Elan, for snapping pix while I scrambled to plate it up for our clients.