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My Charleston Favorites


Thanks to all of your suggestions we had an amazing and delicious trip to Charleston.

Husk Charleston

Charleston embraced us with bacon-y kisses at a late dinner at Husk. Heath Ceramics and Wine Punt glasses on the table were a chic California touch but the food was delightfully Southern. Drew’s parent’s surprised us by picking up the bill all the way from Georgia as a Valentine’s Day treat! It was a perfect night.


the next day I headed out on a riverfront jog


the pineapple is a symbol of welcome, thanks Charleston I feel right at home



pink and purple houses, my 8-year old dream come true

now days I’m more into this turquoise palette

one of the beautiful rivers, I almost feel Pat Conroy whispering in my ear.


famous side gardens did not disappoint


I think I’ll just paint my door bright coral for spring. Drew got back from groomsmen practice and we hit the town together.

ancient protections in Battery Park


but even older oak trees


bundles of vintage cookbooks shopping on King St.


and bedazzled Marker’s Mark bottle of course.

Lunch at Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe was so fun! At the long communal table I heard a 7-year old boy tell his father is was the best French food he has had outside of Paris. Also they brought out a Dijon mustard trio with our lunch, enough said.

Sightseeing via beach cruisers courtesy of our hotel The Vendue Inn


Charelston Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine’s Day decor on a fancy mansion in the Battery


Charleston Dont Tread on Me

It’s not only Colonial architecture in the air folks (Gadsden Flag)


Penninsula Grill Coconut Cake

Truly this coconut cake was one of the best things I ever ate, don’t miss it. The Peninsula Grill.


Swiss Chard Garden

I saw lots of red chard and other winter garden greens growing in pretty flower boxes and public parks!


Crab Rolls at Cyrpress

A late night snack at Cypress was a highlight. Mini crab rolls topped with celery leaves on homemade buns.


Pimento Cheese Burger a Cypress

Drew had the Pimento Cheese Burger a Cypress (sans bun of course but he did try a few bites of coconut cake #sorrygluten).


Miss you Charleston. I’m reading South of Broad to keep the dream alive.





Where to go in Charleston, SC?


One of my favorite sensations in life is the anticipation that comes before a trip. In the South they call this feeling “journey proud”. Next month we are off to Charleston, SC to attend the wedding of dear friends, I have never been!


Charleston, CS

Journey proud indeed, I’m daydreaming about wandering the colonnade of Oak trees draped in Spanish Moss and brushing up on historical facts on architectural and garden tours. I just read Gone with the Wind so I’m fresh on my civil war history and feeling thankful to Sherman for not burning this beautiful city (darn Yankees).



I love to land in a new city with my research done, a few must see places and eateries to land on,  but then wander the streets with a map to get steeped in the essence of the city.

Charleston Oaks

Have you been to Charleston? Most of our time will be spent celebrating the happy couple so please give me your recommendations of where to eat, drink and wander. I don’t want to miss any gems.

Charelston Houses

We have a reservation at Husk already, we booked it last year when Bon Appetite named it Best New Restaurant in America. So excited.



But where else?

Sigh. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.