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Shanti’s Top 5 (highly debatable) Entertaining Rules


Sarah and I had so much fun sharing our entertaining tips we have asked our A & O private chef team to share theirs as well. First up is Shanti…


Hey All… my name is Shanti and I am one of the other three chefs L & S work with. Short intro…cooking for 8 years, obsessed with all things food and fashion, especially love wearing pretty aprons. I LOVE dining out and even consider it a second job. So lets see, my Top 5 (highly debatable) Entertaining Rules… or should I say things I have done and in turn you should NOT do…


1. Do not get sauced before the guests arrive. Being a tipsy hostess goes against all rules of decorum, not to mention you poop out before the party even gets started! Pace yourself and make sure you eat something other than chips and salsa. Ahh hindsight…


2. Be aware of your jewels and accessory selections. Although turquoise stones are pretty to look at, no one wants them in their ceviche. Save the prizes for the piñatas. I discourage long scarves, necklaces, shoulder duster earrings and the like.


3. Do not invite more than one man you’re dating. Although you will be tempted, don’t do it.


4. Have a start time and an end time. Then people will (hopefully) attempt to show up at a reasonable hour (Angelenos… I’m talking to you!).


5. People are there to see you and be social, do not spend all night in the kitchen, go mingle!

The Weekend Dish: Breakfast


We have breakfast on the brain here at A & O as we gear up to make it for our clients this weekend! The forecast is in the 80’s so the weather will be perfect for peachy pink freshly squeezed Cara Cara orange juice and Italian breakfast paninis (pancetta, egg, arugula and slow roasted tomatoes) served on the deck overlooking the ocean.

Cara Cara Orange

I ADORE breakfast. Eggs are one of my favorite foods (as seen here and here.) Growing up my mom would make my brother and I popovers for breakfast on very special occasions! Hot from the oven and slathered with raspberry jam, the are truly one of the best things on earth.


My Dad used to make us creatively shaped chocolate chip pancakes which we topped with whipped cream (from a can of course) or little marshmallows.

chocolate chip pancakes

Now days I like to start the day with something lighter and healthier like our Cranberry Coconut Granola over Greek yogurt.

CranberryCoconut Granola

Or a green smoothie with seasonal or frozen fruit and lots of leafy greens during the week.

Green Smoothie

But weekends are a time to indulge in a big breakfast and the shared act of celebrating the morning with your loved ones.  If I was cooking for myself this weekend I might make Sarah’s Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Or the sweet breakfast panino we featured this week with the mouthwatering combination of Nutella and Bananas!

nutella panini

This weekend make something special for breakfast at home or treat yourself to a breakfast date with a girlfriend. Enjoy one of the weekend’s best little rituals in honor of Sarah and I as we slave away in the slums of Malibu.



A & O Weekly Menu


Thought you all might want to see what Sarah and I make for our clients everyday. Here is this weeks “proposed” menu. Lots of changes and additions, snacks (like kale smoothies) and breakfasts (like blueberry bars) get added along the way too!


Menu August 16-20, 2010
Lunch- mixed greens with crisp vegetables, grilled chicken, pine nuts and carrot-miso dressing
Dinner- Composed Nicoise Salad– seared ahi, poached eggs, steamed green beans, boiled potatoes, tomatoes and olives over butter lettuce with shallot vinaigrette


Lunch- Quinoa and garbanzo bean salad over arugula topped with seared chicken strips and crumbles feta
Dinner- Rosemary Swordfish kabobs with assorted grilled vegetables and whole wheat cous cous


Lunch- Lemongrass Ground Chicken lettuce cups
Dinner- Baked Pasta- tomato sauce, ground turkey, whole wheat penne and roasted vegetables with green salad


Lunch- Shrimp Spring rolls with dipping sauce
Dinner- Steamed cod with Green Goddess dressing and grilled corn and tomato salad

Lunch- Brown rice with miso tofu and eggplant and seaweed salad
Dinner- Spiced grilled chicken breasts with mango salsa and Asian coleslaw