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The Weekend Dish: Color Love


Happy Friday, my loves!  What are you up to this weekend?

I’m helping Lydia polish some final DIY projects for her wedding.  She’s already shared her decor and color inspirations.   In just a few weeks now she’ll reveal every detail.  I can’t wait!

I’ve been a magpie for color lately.  Here are some of my favorite eye-catching bits.

Not sure how I feel about acrylic, but I’d like to swim through the lapis, lay in the moss and lick that caramel (with a little fleur de sel, please).

How about this incredible antique color chart?  I never tire of seeing one shade blend into the next.  How red-purple becomes purple-red and so on.

Seasonal fruit?  Love.  Pretty calendars?  Love Love.  Seasonal Fruits of California calendar in sorbet shades? LOVE.  Thanks to Katie Armour for tipping us off to this one.  I’m going to hang it in my office for menu inspiration throughout the year.

John Derian knows color.  And now he’s putting it on stationary.

I’m partial to soft ballerina shades and moody storm colors so we chose this hand-marbled Italian paper in light blue peacock to line our wedding invitations.

Feeling playful?  DIY marble paper

Martha named her pastel paints after her Araucana chicken eggs.

Araucana is my favorite word that I can’t say.

Also, the chickens are “rumpless”!!!

Ever wonder why blue has a cooling effect?  Or why red increases your appetite?

Pantone has a Color Think Tank–a tutorial on how we perceive and describe color and how it affects our mood.  A must-read for the color curious.

And the chandelier swaying against the fire-cloud sky?  Just one of several antiques dripping crystal and wax over our friends’ impossibly romantic wedding in Mendocino.

Much love to our happy newlyweds.

And to our readers.


The Look: Tricolore with Lipstick


For you

Image: Garance Dore

For your table

Pantone Mug in Oxblood


Jasper Conran Navy Fringe Plate


A single creamy magnolia makes the perfect centerpiece


Heath Ceramics Casserole Dish in Redwood

Dear Jasper Conran,

Yanks will LOVE the navy fringe pattern.

Anxiously awaiting its arrival stateside,