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The Weekend Dish


by Lydia Ellison

Sarah and I are both attending a bridal shower this weekend for a friend and I’m doing some cooking for the event today. Should prove to be very beautiful, pics to follow next week. Teaser: it’s has a French theme and is being held at Kiki de Montparnasse. Oh la la.


Salads are sexy too, if you eat the leaves with your fingers. Brush up on salad making tips from The Master, Alice Waters.

Alice Waters from Green Kitchen on Vimeo.

If you want to be more like Alice and grow your own salad greens read this book or this GOOP newsletter.

herb pot

Remember my organic potted herb “garden” from last year? It has fallen into disrepair so Sunday will be devoted to potting the mint in one pot so it doesn’t vampire my other herbs! Then basil and parsley in another pot.

Happy Weekend!

How to plant an Organic Herb Garden


By Lydia Ellison

I’m really proud of myself, 2 weeks ago I planted some organic herbs into a terra cotta pot and put it on the front stoop of my apartment. It has been wonderful to have the herbs on hand, I’ve been adding parsley leaves to salads, thyme to roasted vegetables and fresh basil to my scrambled eggs! The whole project took about 1 hour from concept to completion and cost about $40. This project will pay for itself by the end of the summer in the money I’m saving not buying tiny plastic boxes of herbs at the grocery store and it’s better for the environment (no plastic, no fuel used in transportation.)

Organic herbs in a pot

Organic herbs in a pot

You can do it too, this is all you need-

1 pot with a drainage hole

1 bag organic potting soil

assorted pre-grown organic herbs (available at home and garden stores and Whole Foods)

Fill the pot 3/4 full with the soil. Dig a small hole for your herb roots. Remove the herb from it’s canister and break up the roots gently with your hand. Place into the hole you have made for the roots and cover with soil. Repeat with remaining herbs. Water well. Place in in area with lots of direct sunlight!

PS- the reason I was proud is I have been meaning to do this for years and never actually done it. I’ve been having garden envy lately…