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Nutella Mousse


nutella mouse

Happy Wednesday, my dears!

Are you as excited about this one as I am?

Just 2 ingredients:

Whipping cream for mousse

1 cup of heavy whipping cream.

adding nutella for mousse

1/2 cup Nutella. (Hint: use the same measuring cup because the cream left coating the bottom of the cup will help the Nutella slide right out).

whip on HI for 5 minutes

and you’ve made heaven in a pretty glass coupe.

Spoon into serving glasses then chill for a few hours to give your mousse that fluffy, soft chill.

It gives me shivers!

Add this to your arsenal of no-bake desserts.

If you prefer the extra-airy texture of a real mousse, you could try adding in egg whites whipped to medium-hard peaks.

I’d have to stop eating first.

This recipe serves 4.