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The Look: Pop of Yellow


For You



Morgan Parish Chartreuse Clutch
Morgan Parish Chartreuse Clutch








For Your Table

Heath Ceramics Bud Vase Set- Summer 2011

Heath Ceramics Bud Vase Set- Summer 2011


CB2 Basketweave Placemats
CB2 Basketweave Placemats







Heath Ceramics Iced Tea Set- Summer 2011
Heath Ceramics Iced Tea Set- Summer 2011



I can’t stop starring at the picture of this amazing yellow clutch. A pop of yellow would freshen up my spring neutral and navy outfits and treat me right this summer. A zing of  yellow on your table is totally unexpected chic.


Bon Appetit’s Pimiento Mac n Cheese


Ayeisha and Niki

The loveliest and most special of guest bloggers today friends. Ayeisha Mesinger creator-designer of Morgan Parish handbags and Niki Shwartz-Wright writer-business woman extraordinaire, extol the virtues of the pimiento cheese mac n cheese on the cover of the March Bon Apetit magazine. They were kind enough to answer my many questions about the experience of the mac. Enjoy!

How did you decide to make the dish?

Ayeisha: Our decision to make this dish stemmed form a combination of general hunger and Niki seeing this delectable looking food pic that graced the cover of this month’s Bon Appetit.

Niki: Yes, I think it went something along the lines of (slo-mo voice): I waaannt thaaaaatt!!!!!

Bon Appetit Mac cheese

looks like the cover dish!

A: Often the covers prompt instant salivation, but sometimes they can be rather intimidating and don’t seem attainable to the normal human being.  In addition to the recipes good looks, we saw that it’s execution time was 45 minutes, which, in the world of Bon Appetit is like a 50 yard dash, so that definitely made us game for trying it out.

What were you drinking when you were cooking?

Ayeisha: I was drinking my usual Kentucky Bourbon, Maker’s Mark, of course =)

Niki: Since I can’t drink Bourbon without making a psychotic face and punching the air after each sip, I was drinking a kidney pleasing Vodka Cranberry.


Mesinger Mac

stunning in an orange Le Creuset pan


When you served it?

A: Switched to wine for the eating portion of the meal (The Pinot Project, I believe)

N: Yes, which my boyfriend described as “very flavor forward”…whatever that means. It was delicious!

What did you serve alongside the mac?

A: We made the Mac the centerpiece of the meal.  We wanted to keep the meal on the light side in general, as we had been having some lovely meals out that were leaving us pleasantly stuffed.

Niki: What Ayeisha is trying to say is, The Fats came to town and we were taking down large amounts of calories at every opportunity. We needed a light meal. Hence, mac & cheese.

Ayeisha: We did add an easy breezy mixed greens salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and a homemade dressing on the side to top it off.


Ideal Market in Boulder, CO

Explain the shop/prep/cooking process.

Ayeisha: The shop was done at Ideal Market.  It’s a local Boulder market that is technically a mini-Whole Foods.   We divided our  list which was pretty straight forward.  The hardest thing to locate was the Pappadew pepper, which I am sure everyone is familiar with from the olive cart, but none of us knew was called Peppadew.  Also a bit confusing is the fact that the recipe is called a pimiento mac and cheese, but technically no pimiento in the recipe.  As we were getting olives and Gerkin for the pre-dinner munchums, we came across the missing link.  The Peppadews were in the Olive Cart!  Crisis averted we went home to begin our mission….

Niki: I cannot take any credit for the shopping process of this meal as I had located the newest copy of People Magazine and HAD to find out all about Christina Applegate and her new baby. She’s presh, by the way…

Ayeisha: Cooking was easier than expected.  It was mostly in the prep which even then was mostly about grating cheese in terms of muscle.  No roux making needed at all!  Simply boiling some of the ingredients and then blending them together before mixing in the cooked pasta which then went into the oven, topped with the toasted crumbs.  I mean, real child’s play when it comes to Bon Appetit.  If you are a novice home chef, this meal will make you look like a pro.  Plus it was the kind of cooking that allowed you to still be interactive with your guests.

Niki: Absolutely. Even though Ayeisha was steering the ship, I honestly felt as if I could tackle this dish at home alone and would probably be able to pull it off. Which is saying a lot as my cooking ability is…well, I have a handicap.

Ayeisha: As a side note: There is always something one forgets to purchase while at the store (or in my experience their is anyhow).  Naturally, once we arrived home, we didn’t start cooking for a couple hours at which point we realized in the commotion to find the Peppadew part of the equation, we forgot to get the panko! We substituted toasted crushed saltine crumbs for the panko…Maybe not so much a top chef move, but it worked great all the same!

Niki: I thought it was a brillz move on A’s part to do this. When I saw her actually toasting the crumbled saltines in a pan, I nearly lost my shit. What creativity!!!


Describe the way it tasted!

Ayeisha: Last but not least, it tasted wonderfully scrumptious.  It was perfect kind of cheesy, but a different kind of cheesy because the recipe didn’t called for making a roux as most Mac’s do.  It was not heavy in taste and didn’t leave us comatose at all.  There was a little heat to the mac as well as a perfect amount of salt.  It was warm and cozy which was great as the weather outside was not.  The bell peppers and peppadew added great sweet-tangy flavor (as promised by Bon Appetit), and were a great twist on a classic.

Niki: It was a little like that scene from What About Bob? All I could say for about 10 minutes while eating it was “Hmmmmm” “Oh, Hmmmmmm” “Hmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!”  Serious restaurant quality.

The Weekend Dish: Holiday Gifts


Happy Weekend Friends! I’m starting to get into the holiday spirit and have started some of my Christmas shopping! To help you choose unique and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones this year we’ve complied a list of A & O approved holiday gifts and gift guides.

Born and Bread Women's Gift collage

Born & Bread Women's 2010 Gift Guide

Sarah and I are so excited to introduce you to the greatest new fashion and lifestyle blog around curated by Sarah’s sister Julie and her best friend Lauren. Check in for daily insights into outfits, accessories, skin care and more from these darling New York fashion girls.  I personally was very inspired by their post on Ali MacGraw and the holiday gift guides they put together for men and women are sensational.


Morgan Parish Moores Pouch. Recommend by the GQ Women’s Gift Guide 2010 and by LEH personally (as I happen to own one)! This stunning little clutch adds a pop of sophistication to any outfit this winter. The deep emeraldy green color is perfectly on trend with this seasons military coats, furs and swing coats.

Jessie's Girl Earrings

Jessie’s Girl handmade jewelry. Stylish and sweet jewelry from our friend Jessie. Win these stunning earrings just by commenting on our post here by midnight tonight! Shop her etsy store or visit her Holiday Sale this weekend in LA.

Mayu Infinity Scarf

Mayu Infinity Scarf. Fair Trade products, hand-knit with Alpaca by women artisans in Peru. So pretty and so cozy warm. Mayu was started by Sarah’s friend Kate and we will be featuring more of her next week when she shares her Day in the Food Life with our readers!

Martijn Deck Towel

Deck Towel. My brother Buck started selling these linen towels he made in his tiny NY apartment bedroom while getting ready to graduate from college this May. Now they are featured in GQ magazine’s Best Stuff of the Year (Decemebr 2010). Prefect for the beach, picnics, soccor games, sofa throw blanket, bed spread, table cloth or plane blanket. Truly a super functional and chic gift for the people you know who have everything.

Happy Gifting!



The Weekend Dish


What are you up to this weekend friends?

Chris Harding olive tree
photo by Chris Harding

Sarah and Angus are tailgating at USC, deliciousness guaranteed. Drew and I are celebrating the birthday of a dear friend at a chic little french restaurant Le Petit Bistro. I’m so excited for some frites, cheese and champagne!

Le petit bistro
Le Petit Bistro

Sarah and I are very inspired by french food, fashion and culture as I’m sure you all can tell. Speaking of…

Napa Style french kitchen island
French Château Kitchen Island from Napa Style

Drew and I are currently coveting this stunning kitchen island to go in our imaginary kitchen with room for an island.

Morgan Parish BrownClutch3
Morgan Parish clutch

This rustic yet elegant clutch is the envy of every stylish gal, nationality aside. Ooooh and this one too for day…

leather boat tote Morgan Parish
Morgan Parish Ranch Tote

Sumptuous chocolate colored leather in a size perfect for all your belongings from Morgan Parish.

French Home book
French Home

This book is page after page of simple yet elegant French decor. I gave a copy to Sarah for her birthday after devouring it first myself. We highly recommend this as a gift or hostess present to any other Francophiles!

Happy Weekend All!