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Wyatt Studio: Aqua Plants


How amazing are these sculptures by brother Wyatt just unveiled?



I’ve never seen metal with so much motion and fluidity, almost like they are waving in the current at the bottom of the ocean. You can find these creations plus many more at





The Weekend Dish


Hi friends, what you do you have planned for this weekend?

Sarah and Angus- wedding

Drew and I are up in Marin visiting my family for the weekend. Sarah is attending a baby shower and then her and Angus are going “glamping” to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary SL and AF!

kate spade paper

For a first wedding Anniversary the traditional gift is paper, I bet Sarah would love this Kate Spade for Crane “Garden Bough” set.

kate spade paper- yellow

Or maybe this more jaunty set for the both of them.

mr boddington Peniston

The Peniston social stationary from Mr. Boddington’s Studio might be just right, his and hers envelope liners!


We’ve mentioned my baby brother’s linen towel company Deck Towel featured in the New York Times Style section, here and here, but not my brother Wyatt’s incredible furniture.


This Bear Head is for sale in his showroom in the SF Design Center or you can see more at


This Cluster Sculpture is really beautiful…


and this Slat Bench is the chicest outdoor furniture I’ve ever seen!

Happy Weekend y’all from our families to yours.