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Macarons from Bottega Louie



Angus and I live on campus at USC and every other Tuesday we host a dessert reception for the Arts & Humanities students.  This week, our favorite graduate student brought macarons from the gorgeous Bottega Louie, a restaurant and gourmet market right here in downtown Los Angeles.  We’ve mentioned it before in our field guide to Los Angeles breakfasts.

different colored macaroons

When they first opened, Bottega Louie offered rainbows of pale, pastel macarons like you’d find at Ladurée. In the past year or so, they’ve changed their look to rich hues like the raspberry above and the clementine centered below.  The saturated colors certainly sets them apart in the market.


The salted caramel is practically leprechaun green!  What do you think?  Do you like gem-toned macarons as much as the traditional pale pinks and pistachios?

bottega louie

Unwrapping the box is half the fun.


Service on a Silver Tray


By Sarah Lagrotteria

French macaroons on a silver tray

Here’s a great hostessing technique courtesy of my friend Aerin.  She and her boyfriend hosted a barbecue last weekend and as the evening progressed and we abandoned the grill for small group conversations here and there about the yard, Aerin emerged from the house carrying a silver tray stacked high with chocolate, hazelnut and coffee-flavored French macaroons (my favorite!).  She personally offered them up to each and every guest which was an adorable way to make us all feel special.  I love the surprise of a chic dessert served so elegantly after burgers and beer.  Wouldn’t it also be fun to serve a simple homemade dessert–like these classic cookies or these ice-cream sandwiches— at an elegant cocktail party?