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The Weekend Dish: Wedding Trips


Hi friends, what are you up to this weekend?

Lydia and Drew are heading north to finalize more wedding plans and we’re heading way east to celebrate our friends’ nuptials in the farmfields of Vermont.  We’ll be eating cassoulet from earthenware baking dishes and homemade cherry pies.

Lydia and I love these little cuties for individual cassoulets or pot pies.

I’m in charge of the cheeseboard which will definitely include some local chèvre.

If you follow us on twitter, you already know what our dream plane reads would be…

The new IN PRINT shelter mag, Anthology

Or Lonny, now in print as well.


Or I’ll revisit a classic, inspired by this beautiful image.

I’d love to have this faux fur to keep me warm.  Sporty + chic.  Perfect for visiting a Vermont apple orchard.

Have a lovely weekend all!


P.S.  Are you in Top Chef withdrawal too? (Yay Kevin!!) Stefan from Season 5 will be cooking at LA’s James Beard Celebrity Chef Dinner on Sept. 28.  I’d love me some of his squab and cabbage!

Lonny Magazine


By Sarah Lagrotteria

I miss Domino.

I’ve scaled back on my magazine subscriptions in an effort to be more eco-conscious, but were a fairy godmother to hear my plea and convince Condé Nast to bring Domino back, I would sign up for a lifetime subscription.

So how did I miss this?

Lonny Magazine, Domino Magazine, Bookcase Displays, Michelle Adams, Dining Spaces, Dining Decor, Table Decor

Former Domino editor Michelle Adams decided not to let the publishing bigwigs deprive us of our style fix and launched Lonny Magazine.  It’s like Domino but better.

That’s right, I said it.

Lonny is available online only, so no feeling guilty about how many trees were felled so you could admire Jonathan Robshaw’s magical prints from the comfort of your own (less expensive) duvet.  Plus, when you find something you love, just click on the image and connect directly to the site where it’s sold.  Like magic.

There are only a few kitchen images, but the dining spaces are fantastic and the bookcase displays are inspirational.  I especially like this one because beautiful tableware deserves to be seen.

Oh, and you can look at all the photos on Flickr as well.

Happy reading!