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French Themed Bridal Shower


by Lydia Ellison

A few weeks ago I co-hosted a bridal shower for a dear friend along with her sister Nicole. We were fortunate to hold the shower at Kiki de Montparnasse, a fantastic Los Angeles party location. Take a walk through the event and see for yourself…

guest book

Guests were greeted by a trio of mirrors and a polaroid guests book

Kiki courtyard

they entered the courtyard strung with French cafe lights

drink tubs

helped themselves to a drink of lemonade, rose wine or champagne

bellini bar

added peach puree and St. Germain liqueur to their champagne cocktails

kiki food table

nibbled on a simple spread of French inspired sweet and savory platters

crudite with tapenade

crudite with olive tapenade

french macaroons

French macarons from Paulette in assorted flavors and colors

gruyere cheese straws

and gruyere cheese straws. Rustic chic purple flowers by Sandra!

kiki tub

The mood of the party was set by Kiki’s romantic and whimsical decor outside in the courtyard

kiki store

and inside the shop.

gold hand cuffs


The Weekend Dish


by Lydia Ellison

Sarah and I are both attending a bridal shower this weekend for a friend and I’m doing some cooking for the event today. Should prove to be very beautiful, pics to follow next week. Teaser: it’s has a French theme and is being held at Kiki de Montparnasse. Oh la la.


Salads are sexy too, if you eat the leaves with your fingers. Brush up on salad making tips from The Master, Alice Waters.

Alice Waters from Green Kitchen on Vimeo.

If you want to be more like Alice and grow your own salad greens read this book or this GOOP newsletter.

herb pot

Remember my organic potted herb “garden” from last year? It has fallen into disrepair so Sunday will be devoted to potting the mint in one pot so it doesn’t vampire my other herbs! Then basil and parsley in another pot.

Happy Weekend!