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The Look: Black & White Print


Today we have a special collaboration between A & O and Caroline Kimball of Savvy Greenville, the hippest boutique in South Carolina. Caroline (my cousin-in-law) is an artist, jewelry designer, stylist and boutique owner with a fierce sense of style.

We all agree that black & white prints can function as a modern neutral backdrop for both you and your table. Example….

For You


For Your Table


Juliska "Country Estate"

Juliska "Country Estate"


Caroline styled this AMAZING one shoulder black & white lace print dress 3 ways and we matched each look with our latest stoneware obsession: the new “Country Estate” pattern from Juliska.

a pop of purple

Purple on B&W dress

Juliska Country Estate


a splash of gold and textured white

gold on b&w dress

Juliska Country Estate


metallic grey and vibrant slivers of color

metal on b&w dress

breakfast table by Juliska


So many possibilities. Visit and read more about Caroline, her team, her fashion advice. You can contact her store (864) 370-9898 or and order this dress for the incredible price of $134. They can order you any size you need.

Thanks Caroline!



Elegant Outdoor Breakfast Table


Dining al fresco

Lydia and I had loads of fun styling this table for The Daily Meal. We wanted to recreate the feeling of an elegant outdoor restaurant at home, so we played with my nicest indoor pieces.  Using 1 set of pottery, 1 set of chargers, 1 set of flatware and 1 table we created 2 beautiful looks: breakfast in the garden with friends and an elegant candlelit dinner for two.

Here’s a close up of the breakfast table:

Outdoor breakfast table
For breakfast we fell in love with hydrangeas in cloud colors.  We set them in my favorite juice pitcher and built the rest of the look around that.  The sugar and creamer as well as the napkins pick up on the beautiful sky blue petals.  And what says morning more clearly than a rooster?  This one is part of an antique rooster and hen pair that my aunt gave me as a wedding gift.  It’s a happy table that invites you to linger over flaky croissants and chunky mugs of hot coffee.

Tell us, how would you make your outdoor table special?

Tomorrow- the dinner table!


Plate, Bowls, Mugs and Pitcher, Barre by Simon Pearce. Glasses by Juliska. Napkins and Chargers by Pottery Barn. Antique Rooster. Creamer and Sugar by Nigella Lawson. Flatware by Match Pewter.

The Look: Hyacinth


For you




For your table


Juliska Bamboo charger



Richard Ginori "Oriente Italiano" dinner plate


Napkins with red wax seal


Image: Design * Sponge

The red wax seals sold me on this look.  I love the idea of physically sealing a rolled napkin like a gift.  It’s old-world romantic and a non-cheesy way to incorporate red.

I’m also a big fan of red and pink together.

Imagine the table after the meal: petals fallen, glasses empty and red wax reminders scattered like valentines on the wood.