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Modern Holiday Home


Last year my Mom did a stark, modern take on Holiday decor for her home. Growing up our house looked more like this during December but my mom is the QUEEN of mixing it up. I love that about her. For her Christmas “tree” she wrapped a garden sculpture made by my brother Wyatt in white LED lights that glow an eerie blue shade of the future.


IMG 3755

IMG 3757


Gifts took on a preppy uniformity by using 2 complimentary wrapping papers (plaid and stripes) and an assortment of bows and ribbons.


Plaid Gift Wrap


Wyatt Ellison Fireplace


Wyatt had just made this metal fireplace front for her home.


Crystal Mirrors

Across the room the fire was captured by a trio of Thai crystal mirrors. Those stools are from my Grandparent’s house in the 70’s, such a timeless style.


French Bulldog Santa


Only one pup is willing to wear the Santa costume, sad.


Metal tree aglow


Happy California Christmas! Next week I’ll have snaps from my mother-in-law’s traditional Southern Holiday house, not to be missed.




Jane Ellison Design on


Did you ever come home from elementary school and spend the afternoon rearranging the sofas around the living room? Did your family have a huge hall closet filled with silk throw pillows in a rainbow of colors for “seasonal refreshments?” My brothers and I certainly grew up thinking this was the norm due to our interior designer mother, Jane Ellison.

This week is featuring some of my mom’s interior design work! Two of her rooms are starring in the slide show of Asian-Inspired Design Ideas.


An elegant sitting room-office with shockingly chic blue walls.


A bright and airy breakfast nook.

To see more of my mom’s designs on HGTV you can check out her designers’ portfolio.


This living room (my childhood home) is one of my favorites.

Follow her simple design tips on Facebook-!/jane.ellison4

She has ideas for even the smallest apartment!