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The Weekend Dish


cheryl- summer bounty

My talented friend Cheryl sent me this picture of her bounty from the Farmer’s Market. Stunning! Nourishing food LOCALLY grown in a responsible, healthy way. Make a pledge to shop at your local Farmer’s Market this weekend or this coming week. Summer produce won’t last much longer, take advantage.


Summer is the best time for rereading your favorite novels don’t you think? I’m currently rereading The Great Gatsby. How beautiful are the covers of this new set of The Fitzgerald Collection by Coralie Brickford-Smith?


Next I might dive into an Austen circuit. Up first for me will be P & P to visit my favorite characters E. Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

clothbound books

Sarah just reread The Odyssey which is one of her favorite rereads.

clothbound books

Off to Ikea this weekend for…

Ikea glass bottle

so I can make…

water bottle table number

for the table numbers at my wedding thanks to this creative couple! Thank you Ikea for helping to make entertaining affordable. Happy weekend all!