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Happy Weekend

  Happy Friday, lovebugs!  What are you up to? I’m washing and folding baby clothes and putting together my stroller and co-sleeper.  At the rate I’m moving, it may take all weekend. We’ve had two days of real fall weather

A & O Weekly Menu 6.20.2011

Anything special you are planning to make this week? Summer produce is slowly flooding the markets and infiltrating our menus. YAY! Monday Lunch- Spinach salad with strawberries, cilantro, feta and grilled chicken Dinner- Lemon-Caper Tilapia with roasted garlic broccoli and

Blue Skies

Happy, happy day off, dear readers! Maybe you’ve planned an adventure or found a sunny spot for lounging. We’re making breakfast at the beach. Including sour cream coffee cake. I wish we could share a piece with you. xoxosl

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