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Peach Iced Tea


By Sarah Lagrotteria

This recipe is our go-to for clients who love iced tea but want to go easy on the sugar.  I always have a pitcher ready when I’m expecting weekend guests.  It’s also great for an afternoon alone with with my favorite cookbooks.

Peach Iced Tea

Peach Iced Tea

Makes 8 cups

4 bags peach tea (we like Celestial Seasoning Country Peach Passion)

2 bags black tea (We like P.G. Tips)

Agave syrup to taste

Lemon slices for serving

Bring 4 cups water to a boil.  Pour over the tea bags in a large heat-proof mixing bowl.  Let steep 6 minutes before removing the tea bags.  While the tea is still hot, add a squirt or two of the agave.  I usually squirt into a small figure 8 two times and that is the perfect amount for lightly sweet tea.  Add four cups cold water.  When the tea is cool enough to handle, pour into your pitcher of choice and chill.  Add lemon slices just before serving and, if you remember, pop your serving glasses in the freezer for a few minutes just before pouring.  A chilled glass makes all the difference.