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Who’s Afraid of Wallpaper?




Me.  Wallpaper costs more than paint and you have to hire someone to hang it right.  At least I would.

But isn’t it happy and bright?


These peonies look old-ladyish.  Exactly what comes to mind when you think “wallpaper”, right?

Except in real life, they are drop-dead gorgeous. Not claustrophobic and fuddy-duddy, just cool and fresh.



The wallpaper that started my obsession.  Like a fading shot of your most treasured day, it tugs at my heartstrings.   And it’s wallpaper, friends.  Wallpaper.

The caramel deliciousness of that headboard and all the bright white doesn’t hurt. But it’s the wallpaper that gets me, even three years after I first pinned the picture.

What do you think?  Is wallpaper worth the commitment?