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Pumpkin Punch List



Happy October Friends! This is my favorite month of the year because I LOVE pumpkins (nerd alert.) Since October is the MOST acceptable month to be a pumpkin fanatic I need to get started on my pumpkin related projects…

via Paula Deen

Mix up a jar of Pumpkin Seed Snack Mix with almonds, coconut and chocolate candies!


pumpkin chocolate cookies

via La Femme Epicure

Bake a batch of puffy, cakey pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from La Femme Epicure.

Design a spooky-elegant pumpkin table and plan this year’s Pumpkin Carving Party menu (last year’s was pretty epic.)

Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

Starting my day right with healthy Pumpkin Protein Smoothie! Great recipe here though I swap the oats for Vanilla Protein Powder instead.

Also looking forward to pumpkin pie, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pancakes and toasted pumpkin seeds. What about you?







How-To: Halloween Table


Halloween table decor

Remember our sneak peek from Friday?  Here’s a behind the scenes look at our Halloween table for The Daily Meal.

Halloween decor supplies

Mini pumpkins and one medium-sized pumpkin for spray painting, plus some white mini pumpkins for keeping natural.
Spray paint.  We went with an enamel finish in black and gold to add some gloss.
Painter’s tape (for covering the pumpkin stems)
Burlap (available at Michael’s or other craft stores)
Votive candles
Black ribbon
Black spiders or spider rings (available at the drug store or craft store)
Candles and candlesticks
White place settings
Matching napkins
Wine glasses
Water glasses

Note: spray paint the day before your party so your  pumpkins have time to dry.

Wrap your pumpkin stems in blue painter’s tape to keep the stems natural.


Shake your enamel can and start spraying. Keep the spray can a good 6 inches away from the pumpkin.  Otherwise the force of the spray will wipe off your first coat.  This photo was taken before I learned that lesson.

1-2 coats only. Repeat as necessary to paint all your pumpkins.

Gold, too!

In case any of the enamel was still sticky, we put parchment paper under each pumpkin to protect our plates.

Gold pumpkin, white plates, pewter flatware, and black and white tenugui cloth napkins.

arranging burlap table runner

Now the centerpiece.  Arrange your burlap strips so they have some height.

Ground your display with one medium-sized pumpkin.  A leopard print sweater really adds something!

Layer in the rest of the pumpkins.

Add in your candlesticks and votives.  We only had silver votives so we wrapped them in thick black ribbon and secured with double-sided tape.  Work with what you have!


Creepy and elegant.

Happy Halloween!



The Look: Halloween Chic


For you

For your table

"Dark Side" mercury glass votives


Mummy "spirits"


Bat place cards


Snake plates


Right eye plate

Am I alone in thinking that eating off an eye is creepier than eating off a snake? Gives me the willies.


P.S. What Halloween character are you?  I’m Dracula : )

Wedding Decor: October + Rock & Roll


FINALLY it’s October and it’s timely to share the pictures of my friend Mary’s incredible wedding decor. She got married on October 31, 2009 and she masterminded the entire event from the table decor to designing her own dress. I think there are a lot of ideas in this wedding inspire your home Fall/October/Halloween decorations and table arrangements.

All Photos courtesy of Erin Hearts Court Wedding Photography

M+S_BLOG029Hot pink and deep purple flowers were a beautiful compliment to the many orange pumpkins used in the the decor landscape. Pops of yellow and verdant green kept the palette fresh.

M+S_BLOG033the ceremony benches were studded with pumpkins

M+S_BLOG036the couple framed in swags of hanging black and white striped fabric (from Ikea)

M+S_BLOG030dinner was served on long wood tables with black and white striped table runners and an explosion of colorful decor including pumpkins of all sizes and hot pink peonies, dahlias and ranunculi!

M+S_BLOG041Mary provided the decor and the vision but Meg from La Partie Events styled up the room beyond her wildest dreams. Drew typed all the escort cards on his old typewriter and then they were fixed at each place setting to a mini pumpkin.

M+S_BLOG050We made the sparkly table numbers out of foam numbers from the hardware store by coating them in black spray paint, then spray glue and rolling them in coarse black glitter. Then we glued them to a stick and they sprung from a pumpkin on each table.

M+S_BLOG057so many chic details to inspire your holiday tables this year. I adore that birch bark wrapped glass votive with a floating tea light.

M+S_BLOG054The caterers from Auntie Em’s styled up the dinner buffet by writing the names of the dishes on gourds! Halloween desserts such as mini caramel apples and huge apothecary jars of assorted candy were as decorative as they were delicious.

M+S_BLOG063Assorted mini cupcakes were served instead of cake and the bride added her own cake toppers, a ballerina and a pirate which sums up the couple perfectly!

To see the rest of the pictures from Erin Hearts Court of this magical day click here!