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Mother’s Day Weekend


What did you guys do to celebrate Mother’s Day? My mom came down to visit her mom and sister and at the last minute I got the weekend off work so everything we did felt deliciously spontaneous.

Dry Bar

Friday afternoon I took my mom and Grandma for blow outs at Dry Bar!


Son of a Gun

Then we joined the 5:50pm queue outside of Son of a Gun restaurant to get a seat at the communal table. We had an excellent meal, this is a great restaurant to take LA visitors.


Jackie dress

My Grandma bought me a pink and white boucle Jackie Kennedy mini dress and it fit perfectly! I’m all set for summer lady functions now.


coco and edde


We spent Saturday at my Aunt’s house playing Game of Things and having deep talks about French Bulldogs and celebrities.


Coffee in Gram's china

Sunday we gathered for Mother’s Day brunch at Grandma’s. She entertains with her wedding china, crystal and silver which makes everything feel extra special.


Mother's Day Brunch

A brunch in the sun.

Gram is a fan of shift dresses too.


Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as we did!







How To: Summer Flower Arrangement


During my June beach vacation, I begged Drew’s 89 year old Grandmother, Ruthmary, to give me a flower arranging lesson. Roo-Roo as us “kids” call her is the type of Southern woman you read about in best selling beach novels. She is an amazing cook, gardener and charitable figure in her community yet she drinks bourbon with grace and cracks the wittiest jokes of anyone I know. Her flower arrangements are legendary in her hometown of Wilson, North Carolina and now we can all learn from her years of experience.

Home grown Hydrangeas

Start with a big selection of flowers. Pictured above are Roo-Roo’s hydrangeas and gardenias from her home garden which she transported 2 hours to the beach. She lines her table with newspaper to make a mess on and then throw out after clean up. Smart.


Ruthmary with grennery

She said to make sure your vase is at waist height or above so you can step back to examine the shape as it builds. Line the first layer of your vase with greenery from your garden or florist.


Ruthmary with Hydrangea

Add the largest stalks of flowers to the center and back of your arrangements to start the shape.


Flower Arrangement Structure

These four tall hydrangeas are the foundation of her arrangement but any large blooms will work for this step.


Hydrangea Arrangement

Fill in the front and center of the arrangement with shorter blooms and varied hues to create interest and depth.


Big Hydrangea Arrangement

Continue to fill in more blooms and greenery until your vase is full and your arrangement has a pretty shape.


Gardenias in a Hyrdrangea bouquet

Now add in some smaller flowers in contrasting colors and shapes. She added gardenias (which Roo-Roo would have wrapped with floral wire to keep from dropping if she had some) and some pale pink flowers and shooting star hydrangeas for contrast.


Ruthmary with arrangement

Ruthmary’s general advice on floral arrangements is “make it so that a bee can fly through it.” Natural and open, her flowers look artfully placed but not fussily stuffing into tight bundles.


Finshed Arrangement

The finished piece!


Beach House Flower Arrangement

She placed it on an entryway table to the back porch so all who passed snagged a scent of gardenias in their day. A lesson I will never forget, thanks so much Roo-Roo.