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Hello! And goodbye, from Ohio


Marlowe at window

Hi, friends.

I’m writing today from the house my husband and I recently bought in Columbus, Ohio. Snow covers the ground and sifts down from the pine in front. My daughter stands at the window, licking the glass, and pointing out every “burd” she sees. I’m miles from the sunny kitchen where I wrote my last post. I miss Los Angeles. I miss my friends and the mountains. I miss having the luxury of wishing the sun wouldn’t shine so brightly. I miss having warm shoulders and tan feet. I miss the early evening light and the smell of magnolias in our yard. I miss talking to all of you here.

Relocating was not something we had planned. Angus and I both believed we were in Los Angeles for the long haul. His new job offer was unexpected and we surprised even ourselves by how quickly we accepted it. Maybe we had an instinct? Because polar vortexes and SmartWool aside, Columbus works for us.

When we created A&O in 2008, Lydia and I didn’t know a thing about blogging. We just dove in, impatient to see what kind of future two friends could create together in their small apartment kitchens.

We wanted a place to document our growth as personal chefs, to catalogue the things that caught our eye, and to remember the moments that shaped our personal lives. Combined, the jumble of images, meditations, and recipes you find here form the timeline that matters to me most. It’s a testament to the work and time that Lydia and I have shared and the ways in which we’ve grown up together.

Life in Columbus is good, but it is different. And It doesn’t fit with how I envision A&O. Our once little company will continue to grow, as will this blog, but I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be a part of it. I want to thank you for spending time with me here these last 6 years. It has meant more than you know.

I’m not leaving the food world. You can find me here, where I’ll soon start sharing my writing projects, as well as recipes and photos from my work as the recipe editor of edible Columbus and a cooking instructor at The Seasoned Farmhouse.

I leave you in the very best of hands. Enjoy the many gorgeous things and brilliant tips Lydia shares. I’ll be reading right along with you.