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lunching with myself

by Lydia Ellison
One of my great pleasures in life is taking myself out to lunch. It’s quick and quiet, no compromising on what to order or being considerate of the preferences and dietary needs of your dining companions. No sharing, no tastes, no sips. A meal of one’s own.
My new favorite restaurant for said ritual/treat/lunch is Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village. The food is excellent, casual dishes with sophisticated flavors and fresh ingredients.
The long wall of communal books welcome solo dinners and doubles as chic decor. I went today and found myself staring at some of my favorite stories in all of literature. The God of Small Things, Mansfield Park, Stones from the River and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone just happened to be winking out at me from stacks of other books.

The fresh spring rolls are stuffed with fried tofu skin, crunchy green papaya and marinated carrot, fresh basil and crispy shallots.

See… so yummy on the inside

Chicken Pho with a peppery broth and slippery, chewy homemade rice noodles.

Thick, sweet and delightfully strong iced coffee with condensed milk. I plucked the copy of Sorcerer’s Stone off the shelf and tucked into my meal and caught up with Harry, age 11.

Cheap & Chic Eats- Pho Cafe, Silvelake


by Lydia Ellison

At least once a week we go to the Pho Cafe down the street from our house on Sunset Blvd. It’s in a strip mall and doesn’t have a sign which really bothers Drew (he is irked by post modern pretensions.) However Vietnamese food is great for Drew’s gluten allergy, lots of protein, rice noodles and very little use of soy sauce. The decor is clean and modern and the food is fantastic. Light, flavorful and yet so satisfying. Best of all your average bill will be about $12 (cash only, come prepared.)

Last night we went with the gal pals and had a feast…

Not pictured are the great Vietnamese beers, limeade, coffees and teas they also offer. Run don’t walk to Pho Cafe!

Pho Cafe

Address: 2841 West Sunset Blvd.

Cross Street: Silver Lake Blvd.

Phone: (213) 413-0888

Hours: Daily 11am-12am