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The Weekend Dish: Holiday Cookies


What are you up to this weekend friends? Sarah and I are closing up the kitchen and traveling to spend the holiday with our families. We are both so excited to see our siblings and parents and share in the week of cooking, decorating and cozy traditions. When I think about my highlights of the week before Christmas I noticed a strong theme… cookies!

MS gingerbread people

I’m looking forward to decorating gingerbread men and women with my mom this weekend as we’ve done almost every year my entire life.

MS jam cookies

Since childhood I’ve been OBSESSED with the jam galettes from Harry & David and my lovely Grandma always keeps them in stock this time of year, chilled in her fridge for when I visit. Almond-y butter cookies sandwiching tart and sweet jam, be still my heart.

Sugar cookies- LEH wedding

photo by Nancy Blum

When we get to Atlanta, I always love helping bake these incredible sugar cookies that are a Christmas tradition in Drew’s family. Buttery, sweet and light, the recipe has been in the Howerton family for many generations (the secret ingredient is buttermilk!)

Gingerbread Cookies- LEH wedding

photo by Nancy Blum

Another heirloom Howerton family cookie recipe I crave are these gingersnaps. The perfect balance of sweet and spice. The photos above are from the dessert buffet at our wedding where Drew’s incredible Aunts baked dozens of these signature family cookies and shipped them across the country for our big day.

chocolate peppermint cookies

My newest cookie fantasy is these double chocolate peppermint cookies from December’s Bon Appetit that I want to try. There is always room for new cookie traditions this time of year!


Food Photography: Carl Kleiner


These pictures from the new Ikea baking cookbook Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best) are so original and inspiring. The food stylist Evelina Bratell is clearly a genius and the photographer Carl Kleiner the same.

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

While most popular food photography  and styling these days is warm, rustic, plebeian (plates angled onto a linen dishtowel with a decorative fork slicing through the photo,) these pictures are graphic, dynamic, modern and clean.

courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

Are you starting to catch on to the format? Here’s some help.

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

these ingredients make…

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

Gingerbread people!

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

These ingredients make…

Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

Checker board shortbread squares!


Courtesy of Carl Kleiner and Ikea

These are the ingredients for Princess Cake! My favorite cake in the whole world and the one my mom would pick up from an Austrian bakery in our little town every year for my birthday dinner. Fluffy layers of sponge cake smeared with tart raspberry jam and then topped with fully whipped cream. This dome shaped cake is then covered in soft almondy marzipan tinted a delicate shade of green and garnished at the pinnacle with a little pink rosette and then dusted with powdered sugar. Not sure I will ever be able to get a copy of this book though.