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Cocktail Hour: Gin & Tonic


G & T ingredients

In my opinion, no Beach Week would be complete with out a recipe for the perfect Gin & Tonic. Sweet, citrusy and a little bit woodsy from the spices in the gin, a cold G & T says summertime like no other cocktail¬† I know. My father-in-law happens to make the best G & T’s around and I took pictures of his super secret process.

You’re welcome.


G & T supplies

First cut a lime into 1/4 inch rounds. Fill a glass with ice. Only use the best ingredients. Juicy limes, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Schweppes tonic water (Richard likes the mini bottles of tonic best.)


Gin pour


Pour the glass 1/3 full of Bombay Saphire gin. The golden ration is 1/3 Gin to 2/3 Tonic.


Tonic Water Pour

Now add the tonic water, fill up the rest of the glass.


LIme Cut

Cut each lime round in half and squeeze one lime half into the drink.


Lime Squeeze

Yep, lime squeeze close up. I actually like mine with one more lime half squeezed in but it’s a matter of taste.


Stir with the knife

Now here is the super secret part that makes these G & T’s so great. Stir the lime into the drink with the knife used to cut the limes. Brilliant.


RTH with G & T

Done. Now take yours out to the porch and enjoy.

Thanks Richie!