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Image: John-Aives-1946

Happy Wednesday, loves!

I’m gearing up to brave the Los Angeles rain and thinking fondly of the Morton umbrella girl and her yellow raindress.

With Himalayan pinks, Balinese sea and fleur de sel gris brightening the pantry aisle at every major grocery store, our clients are occasionally surprised when we pull the familiar box of Morton brand kosher salt from our A & O kitchen totes.

It’s the salt we (and most restaurant chefs) prefer for cooking.  We’ve grown up using it and know from experience how much to add and when.  It’s plentiful and heightens flavors beautifully.  We keep a pig filled to the brim stoveside for quick and easy flavoring.

Which isn’t to say we don’t recommend you experiment with various sea salts.  We cook with the kosher and finish with the sea.  A sprinkle at the end of the cooking process enlivens a dish like nothing else.  Like all our favorite things, sea salt is best chosen to suit your personal taste.  Maldon is our preferred for finishing dishes.  It has a dry, sparkly finish and I can’t resist the beautiful pyramid-shaped flakes.  They amaze me every time.

Many great chefs, including Pastry King David Lebovitz, swear by Fleur de Sel de Guérande which is softer, wetter and, believe it or not, saltier than Maldon .

So tell us, what salts do you use?


The Weekend Dish: Stocking Stuffers


Image: Chotda

Hi loves, what are you doing this weekend?

I’m driving to Newport Beach for a little QT with my brother and then Lydia and I will fête a mother-to-be on Sunday.

Here’s our bottomless stocking wish list.  Maybe it will inspire a few choices for the chef in your family!

Fleur de Sel Camargue

Nearly as good as a trip to France

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

Because our hands need pampering

Butter London in The Old Bill

And pretty polish on our days off

(No polish in the kitchen)

Vosges: GIngerbread Chocolate

There must be an edible–either a clementine or a sophisticated holiday chocolate bar

Hamman brass bowls

For stashing jewelry or serving chutney

Teaspoon in biscuit

Pretty teaspoons

Gimme! Coffee

for stirring coffee


or spooning Nutella

(Giada wants some too)

Heath holiday salt & pepper shakers

A major improvement on Mr. and Mrs. Claus

(Bottomless stocking)


Best Little Kitchen Gift Ever


By Sarah Lagrotteria

My Aunt Gigi gave me these mini prep bowls for Christmas last year.  They’re so pretty I keep them out on the counter.  Friends can’t resist grabbing them and asking, “where did you get these?”

Martha mini prep bowls

I keep them in a stack with the top one (in my kitchen that’s the pale pale mint, second from bottom here) filled with Maldon sea salt.  If you buy them, I swear that you’ll love and use them constantly.  I think I may have even chosen my wall colors  around these little guys…oh, Martha…