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How to Store Fresh Herbs


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I went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and bought some beautiful Thai basil and fresh mint. I washed them in cold water, dried them off and wrapped them in paper towel and placed them loosely in a  plastic bag in the crisper drawer. After 3 days, the basil was starting to wilt already!!! I need a better way to keep my herbs alive and am excited about this jar idea. Read all about it here.



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In short you place your herbs in jars of water in your fridge covered with a plastic bag.  I’ll let you know how it turns out. Nothing is more sad them beautiful herbs gone limp and unused in the crisper drawer. We must stop the herb carnage.






The Weekend Dish


cheryl- summer bounty

My talented friend Cheryl sent me this picture of her bounty from the Farmer’s Market. Stunning! Nourishing food LOCALLY grown in a responsible, healthy way. Make a pledge to shop at your local Farmer’s Market this weekend or this coming week. Summer produce won’t last much longer, take advantage.


Summer is the best time for rereading your favorite novels don’t you think? I’m currently rereading The Great Gatsby. How beautiful are the covers of this new set of The Fitzgerald Collection by Coralie Brickford-Smith?


Next I might dive into an Austen circuit. Up first for me will be P & P to visit my favorite characters E. Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

clothbound books

Sarah just reread The Odyssey which is one of her favorite rereads.

clothbound books

Off to Ikea this weekend for…

Ikea glass bottle

so I can make…

water bottle table number

for the table numbers at my wedding thanks to this creative couple! Thank you Ikea for helping to make entertaining affordable. Happy weekend all!

Food Inc.


by Lydia Ellison

Please try to go see the documentary Food Inc. if it is playing in your area. If it is not available then please read one of Michael Pollan’s books In Defense of Food or the Omnivores Dilemma. It’s vital to your personal health and well being to educate yourself about the food you are eating and where it is coming from. I believe one of the great challenges for our generation is the shedding of the industrial food system and the “re-embracing” of locally, sustainably, ethically and organically grown foods.

A few easy things you can do eat responsibly and healthfully-

1. shop at your local farmer’s markets for produce, bread, eggs, fish, meats, flowers, honey and all sorts of snacks. You know the food is locally grown and you encourage and support your local farms. Find a farmer’s market here.

2. No time for the Farmer’s Markets? Get the farm produce delivered to your door in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box. Find a CSA box in your area here.

3. Purchase organic, free range and grass fed meats and dairy products. There are some ethically responsible meat companies like Mary’s Chickens and Niman Ranch products (they even make hot dogs!!!) just to name a few.

4. Avoid food chain restaurants (especially fast food) and eat at places that promote the use of farmer’s market produce and responsible raised meat. Trust me the restaurants who do this write the details on the menu because they are proud of the ingredients.

5. eat fresh, perishable food. Nothing from boxes, bags or tubs. THIS MEANS YOU WILL HAVE TO START COOKING YOUR OWN FOOD. Yes I said it. You can do it! Sarah and I are here to help.

Bonus-Read a testimonial to the change this movie has inspired in my friend Patrick