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Banana Pecan Buttermilk Pancakes (and taxes)



Image: hilla pilla

Lydia and I have never not filed an extension on our business taxes.  Neither of us has a mind for numbers and so April is always a bear.  We’ve been plugging away side by side at our computers going over every last expenditure of 2010.  It’s actually almost fun-receipts trigger memories of getting sidetracked by pretty pots at Sur La Table and one particular wait staff who helped themselves to wine and lost their jobs.  We’ve also discovered a shared propensity for losing all receipts from the flower shop.

(How nice would it be if flowers were free?)

So all I have for you today is my heartfelt recommendation that you try these pancakes.  I made them for our clients’ breakfast Monday morning and they were the bomb.  Better than any I’ve had.  Just the thing to comfort a number-addled head.

Wish us tax luck.  We need it.