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Dinner Party Cooking Lesson


Had SO much fun last night doing a dinner party cooking lesson with some friends. The whole group decided on the menu and the hostess bought all the ingredients. The rest of us brought wine, cutting boards and knives. I talked the group through the steps to make each dish and then we shared a beautiful meal together. A prefect summer evening, this what I always hoped my 30’s would be like.

a well set table

nectarine, heirloom tomato, prosciutto and burrata salad artfully arranged by Ian


and the spinach risotto stirred with lots of love.



Here is the whole menu:


Nectarine, prosciutto and tomato salad with burrata cheese and mint

Grilled Steak and arugula salad with pine nuts, Parmesan and lemon vinaigrette

Fresh Spinach-Pesto Risotto

Affogato- vanilla gelato topped with hot espresso

Hope you have a chance to gather your friends and do something similar before summer slips away into a busy fall.


February Dinner Party Menu


Cold weather favorites—hearty kale, earthy mushrooms and sweet clementines— anchored my latest dinner party, brightened by the onions and asparagus of early spring. Tweaking some of our favorite recipes made for a rich and satisfying late winter meal that ended with a platter of clementines and dates.  The dates are sweeter than any sugar-based confection you can imagine and it doesn’t get any better or brighter than a perfectly sweet clementine.  I confess that I gilded the lily by adding brownies.  We had a chocolate lover I didn’t want to disappoint.

I’ve linked to all the recipes below.  Enjoy!


First course

Ricotta tart made with caramelized leeks (instead of zucchini)


Raw kale salad with currants, pine nuts and Parmesan

Mushroom risotto (made with mushroom broth instead of chicken)

Roast asparagus (seasoned with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted at 425°F until crunchy tender, 6-7 minutes)


Coffee, clementines. fresh Medjool dates and Brown butter brownies