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Dinner at Marea



Our evening with Tony Bennet began at Marea, Chef Michael White’s elegant ode to Italian-style seafood on Central Park South.  We started with a prosecco toast.

sea urchin and lardo crostini

The amuse-bouche was what they call Ricci: sea urchin, lardo and sea salt on a crostini. Oh my god was that a good bite.

lobster abd burrata salad

Astice: nova scotia lobster, burrata, eggplant al funghetto and basil.  Embarrassingly, I don’t remember the eggplant, just that I wanted to finish every morsel.

charred octopus
The unexpected win of the night.  Polipo: grilled octopus, smoked potatoes, pickled red onion, chilies and tonnato.  This was the most tender charred octopus we’d ever eaten, and the small, smoky potatoes seemed chosen for popping whole in your mouth.

Spaghetti with sea urchins

The crostini must have triggered a sea urchin kick because we split three pastas including this spaghetti with crab, Santa Barbara sea urchin and basil.


Bomboloni.  My favorite Italian word means little doughnuts.  Which is a-ok with me as long as the doughnuts are filled with lemon cream and served with prickly pear sorbet and cassis.  My sister said the sorbet was her favorite part which just goes to show you have to trust a great chef.  Something prickly is the last thing I would think to pair with tender doughnut babies.



Had to have the affogato.  The world’s simplest and most delicious dessert.  Right on par with fresh berries and whipped cream.

chocolate hazelnut torte

This was a hazelnut and dark chocolate torte with lemon and mint.  Which sounded like two too many flavors.  Until we discovered that those shard-like emeralds were actually soft gelatin pillows of purest mint essence.  That’s what I remember and that’s what we were chasing around the plate when the last licks of chocolate were gone.