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A&O To Go


Hi Friends! Thanks for all you lovely comments of support for the new design of our site. We are still basking in the glow of our spring look. It’s like finding the perfect pair of jeans that are comfortable, flattering and make all your tops feel fresh.


Responsive Web Design

Have you checked out A&O on you tablets and smart phones yet? The genius team at Creative B’stro designed the new site in Responsive Design so you get a smooth user experience on any and all of your technology.


Fancy right?




Sneak Peek: A&O’s New Look


For almost 6 months Sarah and I have been keeping a BIG secret from you guys… we are redesigning the look of this space!

Cleaner lines, a fresh color palette and much more user friendly, the final product will be ready soon. Here is a peek at the inspiration collage we sent to our cracker jack team at Creative B’stro.


We are bursting to show you the new site so stay close.


Lydia & Sarah

A & O has a New Look!


Sarah and I are so pleased to announce that our blog has a fresh new look and a new home at Please resubscribe to the RSS feed or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Sharing your favorite posts with your friends has never been easier with our new easy share icons at the bottom of each post.

peonies on bench

We hope you enjoy the new layout designed for us by the amazing team at Creative B’stro! These are the same lovely folks who designed our beautiful website almost 4 years ago and helped us launch our business back when all we had were big ideas and a pair of tongs.

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting. Each happy comment on a picture of a flower arrangement or praise of a recipe makes our day.