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Sherry Lemonade


My mom is very blasé about this recipe.  She made it all the time in the seventies and it’s all of two steps, so when I crowed about it she thought I was being a little silly.

But it deserves fuss-making because it’s homemade, ice cold, slurpy and sweet.  As Lydia said, it’s an adult slushy.  It was new to me and I hope it’s new to you too because you’re going to really enjoy that first sip.

See the slush?

Here’s the recipe:

Mix equal parts frozen lemonade and dry sherry in a blender with a lot of chipped ice.  Blend until thick and serve over more ice.

If you use the Minute Maid frozen lemonade you can add the lemonade and use the empty tube to measure the sherry. No mess!

So refreshing.

Enjoy with our Memorial Day menu, serve at a luncheon or shower, or share with friends (or your mom) on a sunny day.

Thanks, Margy!




Mandarin Fizz


We’re looking forward to sharing some exciting news with you tomorrow and on Friday.

Can’t hardly wait.

Though we can’t spill the beans just yet, we can certainly toast in anticipation.  A seasonal take on our favorite party starter– a prosecco cocktail– sounds just right for the occasion.

Cheers, loves!

More to come…



Mandarin Fizz
Makes 1 cocktail


One small scoop of Mandarin Orange Sorbet (or any citrus sorbet)
Chilled prosecco or champagne


Chill champagne flutes in freezer 15 minutes before serving.

Fill champagne flute ¾ of the way full of chilled prosecco. Add a tiny ice cream scoop or tablespoon full of sorbet to the glass. Enjoy immediately. The sorbet keeps your cocktail chilled as you drink it!